Which of your colonists have taken the biggest beating?

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Looking through the pawn history stats there's a lot of stats about how much crap your pawn has been through. Total hours on fire, number of times incapacitated, total damage dealt to, how many mental breakdowns, etc. A lot of pawns who are kept safe tend not to accumulate too much damage, but those who are in the fray tend to eventually get unlucky and die.

So I am curious to see what the max amount of punishment some of your colonists have sustained while they still keep on chugging along, as well as reasons why they have sustained so much damage while still being alive.

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 Marty's a badass, and also one of my first colonists. His beatings reflect my initial lack of skill.
   It was maybe A15/A16. Sad story, he was a Vat-grown Soldier and later a Human Computer. Somewhere along the lines, he had a son, somewhere out in the universe. He crashlanded with Skye (an Engineer) and, well shoot, I can't remember the counselor's name. Some woman with a K in her name.
   Marty was our main soldier, loved animals, and did most of the research. This, of course, meant he was the #1 hunter, tamer - and since he was also a Jogger - he was the one I sent to annoy stuff, thinking he could outrun it. Unfortunately, he couldn't outrun everything. He lost an arm to an infestation (small hills, feels good man), a leg to a wolf that later taught me to wall-in my colonies, his nose came off during a cave-in, eyes were lost to fire and squirrels, etc, etc. I've learned better for now, though he paid the price. Thankfully, I hoarded plenty of silver off for his prosthetic-loving self.
However, one day came when he fought his last fight. Mechanoids were attacking, crippling colonists left and right. Marty was sent to hold them off long enough for non-warriors to retrieve the wounded before it was too late. It was one man, his bionics, and his rifle against three Scythers and a Centipede, and he fought well. One Scyther down, another close to it, and a centipede filled with a couple dozen more holes than when it showed up. Then, an inferno cannon round hit its mark. He ran out of his cover coated in fire, into the open. Left hand, right ear and foot, and a bionic eye lost, bleeding heavily. They moved on to K, a pacifist, trying to drag her husband back to the hospital. She was guaranteed not to make it, slowed down and defenseless as she was.
Then, Marty got up. He's bleeding bad, he's been shot so many times he's probably more air than meat at this point, but he stands up! BANG! BANG BANG! How could a Scyther kill K if it just had it's charge lance blown off! I send in two good melee warriors to finish it off, while the last Scyther aims for Marty. . . and fires, shattering his spinal cord, dropping him on the spot.
Not enough.
After my best builder made a turret for covering fire, I sent my fastest runner off to pick him up in the minutes he had left. Healing him was literally a matter of patching him up faster than he could bleed out, and we just barely did. Everybody made a full recovery, except for Marty. He couldn't move anymore, no matter what I did. I looked through the menus, the research projects, called traders, everything. There was nothing I could do to get him back on his legs again. I did everything I could to make his permanent stay in the hospital nice, though.
Got him a flower pot, our first medical bed, even splurged for a Megascreen TV.
He wasn't happy. He was cooped up, not fighting, and a drain of resources, but I just didn't have the heart to kill one of my now-sizeable colony's founders. For three years, he laid in that bed. Enough time for K and Skye to break-up, despite the fact that the landed as lovers, married in our second summer, and were married for three years before Marty was injured. Long enough to see Dwight, one of Marty's friends and fellow soldiers, die protecting the colony. Long enough for his Labrador who he cared for as a puppy have to be butchered when a heatwave slowed our crop's growth and thawed our food stores after a solar flare took-out the cooler, and leave just in time for our harshest winter.
His final act was that of sacrifice. Raiders drop-podded in and caused chaos the moment they landed. Every capable colonist was fighting to keep the place from burning and keep the weak from being slaughtered. One of the toughest SOBs there was taking cover from our soldiers in the hospital when he took a shot too many to justify returning fire. Instead, he turned around to see Marty, sitting immobile in his bed. The Raider walked across the room and lit his T.V. on fire. He burned the statue showing the death of his friend, and finally, lit the bed Marty was in on fire. He burned there, unable to do anything. Fortunately, this was enough time to let Skye run in, and bash out the Raider's brains over the floor. Unfortunately, he was not fast enough to save Marty from the many infections he sustained. After three days of trying to beat them, Marty was placed in a Plasteel Sarcophagus (for his love of technology), next to Skye's granite tomb (he was a tough bastard) and K's wooden Sarcophagus (green thumb, loved nature) in the middle of town.
I've since brought those three back, thanks to the power of Prepare Carefully. I like to think that some mad scientist or psychic power saw them fit as the subjects of the alpha test for Resurrection Serum. Marty has his share of burn scars, but thanks to some extra mods, he's got a bionic spine now, and he's daring anyone to try and break that one. He still fights for his friend, and his family, as he looks for his son. His latest bionic, a nice shiny new leg, was the result of a fight with a Thrumbo, his most recent injury.
All he had was a steel knife.
He won.
Why are you focusing on having a personal life rather than updating a mod that you're not paid to work on?

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Call me Arty, I just have to say... that was epic!  Crazy crap like that is what makes this game so addictive. Let's face it, the main ingredient that makes Rimworld awesome is a good imagination.

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Quote from: talesin on January 12, 2018, 05:10:11 PM
Call me Arty, I just have to say... that was epic!  Crazy crap like that is what makes this game so addictive. Let's face it, the main ingredient that makes Rimworld awesome is a good imagination.

Thanks pal, I appreciate it and totally agree. I'm not sure if I'd be as close to 1,000 hours as I am in this game if it wasn't for the awesome stories I got out of it.
Why are you focusing on having a personal life rather than updating a mod that you're not paid to work on?

If there's a mistake in my post, please message me so I can fix it!


Lauryn was her name, a former psych patient who spent most of her time in my colony as a farmhand and general dogsbody. She'd had a pretty rough life, but I like to think she found some measure of peace and happiness there: It was a nice little settlement, prosperous and well-defended with lots of amenities.

But thanks to a quirk of the layout, I had a bit of a problem with animals getting past the perimeter fence, especially in winter. And while Lauryn was walking along minding her own business a hungry coyote decided she looked appetising... and by the time anyone could get there to drive it off the bastard thing had torn off both her arms. Thankfully I had a prosthetic on hand, and was able to fabricate another soon afterwards.

And for another few years she soldiered on, picking crops and mopping floors and sometimes helping out in the lab, or trying her hand at sculpting or painting... until one day a raiding party showed up in drop pods while Lauryn was working in the fields, and she couldn't get away in time.

She was still breathing when another colonist laid her on a bed in the infirmary, but to all intents and purposes Lauryn was dead. Permanent brain damage, so severe that nothing short of luciferium could have brought her out of her coma.

She was one of the first colonists I've ever been truly sad to lose. 


I had a refugee kid show up chased by tribal bandits.  I killed the bandits no problem and took the kid in.  He had decent shooting skills so I sent him out hunting and unfortunately picked a wild boar for him to kill.  He lost.  It took numerous gorings to put him down and its doubtful he'd have been worth salvaging after the 1st couple.  When somebody else showed up and killed the boar, it was too late for the kid.  So we cut him up and put him in the pot with the boar meat.  Seemed fitting.


His name was Keuneke. He was a colesium cleaner as a child and became a medieval knight with a whopping 17 in melee with brawler, strong, and jogger. He was immediately equipped with the knife and that is what started his legacy.
Only a few days in, where everyone still lived in a closed off cave, the Federation decided to raid me with 3 dudes with blaster pistols. He got there before my other two (Ollie, my researcher/sniper/doctor and Big Red, my farmer/builder/crafter).
He proceeded to stab the crap out of the 3 and stood victorious over them with only a few burns. A few days after that, Big Red finally got around to smithing him a superior plasteel long sword.
He defended the colony valiantly in its infancy. Fighting pirates, tribals, the Empire; didn't matter what he was fighting, he would cut them down like a hot knife through butter. He eventually passed his 100th kill against some traders he raged upon after a bear ate his cat, Fluffernut. The traders fell quickly, which on one hand, gave me tons of silver and other cool items (got an AT rifle for Ollie and a heavy SMG for Red), while on the other hand, pissed off their faction (Which I was close friends with).
Fast forward a few months, defending raid after raid, Keuneke was getting quite scarred. Atleast 50% of his body parts were scarred. He had no armor yet, only wearing some mismatch of clothing. Red built him a superior armor vest, which has saved him many times.
Then disaster struck.
A psychic ship part crashed literally right on top of my farm. (Which I'm pretty sure pissed off Red). We got our guys in position, which 5 of us, not counting our pacifist, Rossetti, our new doctor. Keuneke was the only melee guy because he killed any person he dared to charge him. With all of our guns pointed at the ship, Keuneke was the one to break it.
There was a centipede and 3 sythers.
My four guys opened fire (AT rifle, heavy SMG, Lee Enfield, and revolver) at the sythers, who swarmed Keuneke almost instantly.
He fought valiantly, albeit for only a short while. While dodging and taking fire from both the cetipede, who had a minigun, and fire from our guys, managed to take out a scyther and badly damaged another one before The others managed to take them down. They all moved in to kill the centipede. Keuneke running in there like he always does and managed to get the final blow.
After the fight, almost everyone had made it inside to get healed by Rossetti. Keuneke was just about to pickup one of his fallen comrades but he couldn't for some reason. I was going to check his health, but then a raid came.
There was about 10 raiders.
The crew hauled their beaten bodies back to defensive positions while Keuneke charged them. A few minutes later, the pirates were dead and Keuneke was still standing. After the battle, Keuneke tried to pick up his comerade, who was still down from the fight with the mechs, but he still cant. I look at his health.
He is missing his right arm.
He fought the mechanoids and the raid in succession without his dominant arm!?
Then he collapses due to blood loss.
The guys quickly recovered him and the fallen comerade and got them to the medical ward. The other guy (Can't bother to remember his name) recovered pretty quickly because he was weak and he only received a small amount of damage. Keuneke, on the other hand, was near death. Infections on all his limbs, destroyed lung, destoyed kidney, brain damage, this guy is a vegetable at this point. The infections were so bad that we had to amputate his remaining limbs. He didn't wake up when he was "fully" healed. We made him advanced bionic limbs and synthetic organs and attached them, but he still was in a coma. Then I remembered there was an AI unit in the crashed ship part. We took that and made an AI matrix and installed it into Keuneke.
Keuneke rose once more.
I pretty much yelled out in joy to see him. Since he was in a coma, Red had been building home something if he ever woke up again. When he exited the med ward, he was greeted with a set of Excellent power armor, Excellent power armor helmet, and the best of all, a legendary vancidium battleaxe.
After this, he was unstoppable. Cutting down tribals, pirates, and mechs, the federation, and the imperials alike.
Then my worst fear came.
I get a notification that I was being raided by the imperials, no biggie. When I saw them, they had 3 AT-ATs.
I mobilized my entire colony to their defensive positions while Keuneke stood right in the middle of the field. (Imagine the scene where Luke stands in front of the AT-AT things in the new Star Wars movie).
Then it started.
He charged the AT-ATs. He fought as hard as he could, even taking out one of them, but before he could finish the second one, the third one released a volley onto him, striking him down.
After managing to somehow survive the ordeal, Red started work on his tomb. Almost surviving for 8 years, gaining close to 500 kills, Keuneke was buried in a vancidium sarcophagi next to his dog.

Rest In Peace you beutiful bastard.

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 Mods are fun, and great story! I just love the idea of a bunch of average people with some decent skills, and some crazy Conan-esque superhero in the middle of them.
Why are you focusing on having a personal life rather than updating a mod that you're not paid to work on?

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My story is real simple one day while I was still in the beginning stages of my colony we were attacked by three raiders with only melee weapons seemed simple enough to deal with I set up my two people who had guns and my one melee distraction and prepared for a easy three kills with a possiblty of capture what I didn't imagen happening was when the final raider who stubbornly wouldn't give up decided to keep on attacking while he lost his right eye right arm and then at the end of it his right leg I still can't believe that he lost all his rights then. Once I captured him I decided that since I was so desperate for people at the time and a ship over had an extra mechanical leg that I decided to keep him and restore his leg.
Two days later I was able to recruit him and I welcomed him to the colony which rewarded him with his mechanical right eye from the traders that I managed to bargain to get. Because of his sharpshooter trait and high shooting skills his mechanical eye made it perfect for him to become my new sniper in the colony.
It worked well since of the constant attacks from other raids he was able to protect my colony while work in the feilds to prepare for the coming winter. Unfortunately though I wasn't able to get him an arm at this point from the lack of money supplies until much later when I had a thriving colony of ten people. He is now one of my favorite colonists only because of the amount of suffering he had to endure and having to be my only half cyborg.
I love stories and I hope that everyone try's to contribute in telling their stories as it is interesting and intriguing to see people connect through the tales they create.


I know it isn't really what you mean in this post, but yesterday my colonist got beaten by a child soldier who had nothing but a fedora.

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Quote from: Bastobasto on May 05, 2018, 03:09:16 PM
I know it isn't really what you mean in this post, but yesterday my colonist got beaten by a child soldier who had nothing but a fedora.

"While you were busy studying blowback operation, I studied the long blades."
Why are you focusing on having a personal life rather than updating a mod that you're not paid to work on?

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J-Rilla7, the magnificent chef and teetotaler of the group (much like his real life counterpart) was a man to behold. In the beginning he did the colonies cooking, raising his skills slowly and eventually outclassing our bionic bartender sniper, Kimmy.

Second Summer, 5502. What I thought was a normal and easy raid would change the colony forever. A group of raiders with what looked to be simple fire-arms came from the north. We could have outlasted them with our 5-thick wall, should have outlasted them. But I had to get cocky. I sent out 5 capable fighters.

Kimmy (wife)
Toste (husband)

Everyone had Shotguns and Slugs, a devastating combo that practically downs anything short of full body armor. Their most dangerous target to me at the time was the man with their shotgun. Little did I know he was the least of my worries.

As this was happening Clayton, of course, was getting high on his own supply crafting joints.
Our northern wall had a natural stone building only 12 spaces away from it so I stationed my troops there. Our bionic sniper, Kimmy, takes aim at the shotgunner. Rilla takes aim with his rifle once the man is closer range. Eventually the gap is closed and everyone can fire at eachother.

Suddenly as everyone starts dropping on their side a molotov flies into the building. Kimmy catches fire for a short while and I move my men out of the way to let the fire dissipate. This gives enough time for their person to move in with a Mac-10.

Mac-10 guy sprays down Kimmy, Trado, Toste and Rilla, not before taking a few hits himself. Boss is my only soldier who hasn´t been mortally wounded. Boss puts down the Mac-10 guy after taking just a little bit of flak. Everyone starts retreating and I need to quickly think to save 4 lives.

Clayton arrives up north to collect smoke-leaf from the northern geothermal farm. I place down 4 sleeping spots and make them medical inside of the building. Boss is a battle medic. He isn´t our best medic but he can patch up wounds. I assign Clayton to medical. Together with the eventual arrival of two more supporting lower-level doctors I patch everyone up.

The death sound rings out in my headphones. We have lost Toste. I look to see what was wrong and it turns out Clayton couldn´t outheal the bleeding his brother was experiencing.
Clayton lost his brother, Kimmy lost her husband. I´ll worry about sentimentality later. Everyone except for Kimmy and Rilla fully recovers. Kimmy later dying of infection in the hospital and Rilla being fairly crippled in his legs and lost eye. I make an eye-patch and plans for prosthetic legs.

Later, in a hunting incident with a fox, Rilla loses his left leg. I give him a peg leg. In a subsequent raid he loses his other leg AND his peg-leg in a mortar explosion that should have finished him. For the next 2 years he would have two peg legs, a lost eye and countless lost digits on his left hand and scarring on just about every part. But that never stopped the sanguine, teetotaler chef that is Rilla. He still pumped out both lavish and fine meals at rates even Clayton, our sous chef, couldn´t match.

The year is now 5507, Rilla has simple prostheses for his legs, bionic eye and I replaced his arm with a bionic one. As I type he is on a caravan to our second ressurector mech serum quest along with Clayton to bring back their lost friend, and brother. Kimmy is ready to be revived, just waiting for them to return and we will have a ceremony.


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Why are you focusing on having a personal life rather than updating a mod that you're not paid to work on?

If there's a mistake in my post, please message me so I can fix it!


Medic, its always the medic ... i feel like the game intentionally looks for people with traits/skills the effect the medical profession positively and targets them with everything, diseases, guns, fistfights with prisoners (seriously, i just had a prisoner attempt to break out and as soon as the medic joined the melee, he switched to her and wouldnt let up till he was down), hell, the only colonist ive ever seen get struck by lightning was also a medic, that did not go well for me ... infact, the strike blew her head off. ::)

I usually go so far as to give medics (assuming they can use them) exclusively sniper weapons, so they can stay out of the range of automatic gunfire, my A17 colony had three medics with 1 @ 15 and 2 milling around 7-10, all with snipers of varying quality, colony gets raided and everyone goes to action stations and the medics form up at the back of the colony defenses in the best cover i have and one of them gets downed by assault rifle fire, the other two have minor to moderate gunshot injuries as the raiders houndpile right to the back of the setup almost all of them targeting my medics, two of the hand to hand fighters forgo trying to stop my AR wielding pawns to also close on the medics, but get gunned down about halfway there because they dont have shields.