[B18] [Addon] EPOE - Body Climate Implants

Started by MercuryDoll, January 15, 2018, 11:04:46 PM

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Let your nudists stroll through the snow and keep wearing your expensive thrumbo fur coat in the desert!
This small Add-On mod for Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering adds two Rib Implants, each adjusting the minimum and maximum comfortable temperature of the pawn into a certain direction. Keep your cool or stay warm.
Both are unlocked with the other rib implants from EPOE and follow the same rules of distribution.
Update: Added Advanced Heating/Cooling Rib Replacements, unlocked via research. Feedback is appreciated!

Mod order: Load after EPOE.
Compatibility: Should not conflict with anything.

Download b18v1.1
Initial release version

17//01/2018 v1.1: Reduced component cost of regular implants, added advanced versions
16/01/2018: Initial Release

License: Feel free to add it to your modpack and make derivatives, or whatever you wanna do.


Oh man, this looks PERFECT to go with my Climat Cycle++ run! Thank you for this! ;D


Nice! I love playing with the Orassan mod on tundras and ice sheets so this'll help a lot when I get random human colonists! Awesome idea, kudos