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Author Topic: The Drug Mechanic  (Read 478 times)


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The Drug Mechanic
« on: January 19, 2018, 06:21:42 PM »

(Introduction/Author's Beginning note)
This is a "Let's Play" sort of but on a forum. I am going to lay out the plan for said let's play in this Introduction. You may be familiar with this if you watched the Digressing and Sidequesting video on the Let's Play topic.

Playing on: B18

Mods List
A Dog Said
Alien Races
Allow Tool
Dubs Skylight and Bad Hygiene
EDBPrepare Carefully
Misc Robots
Misc Core
Prepare Landing
Smokeleaf industry
Tech Advancing
Vanilla Friendly Battery Expansion.

The Scenario

You were a scientist desperate for funding to keep yourself going and for you to continue to experiment with your passion, Robotics. A Shady group sends you a message and offers you a deal: We provide you funds, you make our drug production more efficient. You accepted the deal on the spot.

Three years later, you had perfected and was about to publish a book on your new android tech, but then you were caught. You were held on trial and were to be fired in a cryostasis capsule to a rimworld and to be awakened 30 years later.

You wake up in the capsule on your prison world, with a message from the cartel. "You were fired with 2 of your androids and a cargo pod with all of your research and some starting supplies. We want you to get us another drug trade outpost."

How the actual "Let's Play" section will work

(Hopefully) Every Saturday I will update the section below with a log. It will be written like an epistolary (Look it up) with the date (As shown in the game) and the date IRL. At the bottom of each log, there will also be a TL;DR section that lists the events since the last playthrough.


Day 1, ??? Year 5500
It's been a few months since I was tried. I finally landed here, and to my surprise, Disaster, Philly, and 3 drones escaped with me. Then the supply pods dropped. We built a small shanty house and traded with a few locals. I already started growing smokeleaf and the building is cramped. We're going to have to expand soon. Author's Note: There was supposed to be a picture here, but the file was too large.

Day 10, ??? Year 5500
We struck steel and used it all. We replaced the walls and begun to work on a hydroponics facility. I wonder how we are going to get more steel because I can't find any. I've looked around for a while and nothing. We got attacked and fended the single woman off. She's now laying in a graveyard we started.

A pod landed with a man inside. We got him into a small shed we used for storage, then made a hut for him next to the guest hut. He decided to join us. His name was Gideon.
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