(Mod Request) Improve Faction Relation Through Paperwork

Started by JudPaps, January 21, 2018, 06:23:11 AM

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Instead of giving silver to improve relations what if pawns can write to other factions to improve relations

Here's how it works...

1. A new production table called "Writting Desk" is used to produce diplomatic papers.

2. A new bill is called " Write Diplomatic Papers for (Faction)

3. The skill required to produce the papers is the negotiation skill. The higher skill is the more papers can be made at once.

4. The production also requires a resource called "paper".

5. The process might take a while, and one diplomatic paper is equivalent to let say; 0.25 faction points.

6. Additional research can help speed up the production

File Cabinet - increases production by 5%
Computer Desk - much faster than a standard desk.


Secretaery: Sir, we allready got 100 Diplomic papers from JudPaps. What should we do ?
King of Pirates: Burn them like allways and organize a new raid next monday against them.