[B19] Farmable Neutroamine

Started by nanonator102, January 27, 2018, 02:51:36 PM

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G'day everyone!

Have you ever wondered how all these traders are getting their neutroamine? They grow it of course! This mod adds a new plant called neutroaleaf which can be grown both in soil and in hydroponics systems. Neutroleaf requires at least a level 12 grower, so don't expect your amateurs to be growing it anytime soon. Once researched, the neutroaleaves harvested from the neutroaleaf plant can be refined at a drug lab to make neutroamine, at a rate of 5 neutroaleaves for 1 neutroamine (There is also recipes for 5x and 10x crafting).

Dropbox [B18]
Dropbox [B19]
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This is my first mod, so if anything doesn't seem right or you have any suggestions, please leave a comment below.

This mod is a remake of Balanced Neutroamine Production by FlawlessDiamond.

Many thanks to those who have put up with my questions in the unofficial discord server and Chicken305, creator of Chickens Multiproducer, a mod that taught me how to add custom crafting recipes.

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Looks awesome! And congratulations on your first release! Maybe we will be blessed in the future with more to come. :) This could be a great alternative for a lot of us who are using boomalopes->neutroglycerin->neutroamine.

How many leaves do you get per plant/harvest? What is the growth time, ideal temperature, and fertility sensitivity? Also, does refining the leaves at drug lab require a certain crafting and/or medicine skill? And does it work the intelligence skill (like everything vanilla does at the drug lab, oddly)?


Thanks for the comment Harry, the neutroaleaf plant takes 4.5 days to grow, with a fertility sensitivity of 1. From each fully grown plant you can expect to get 3 neutroaleaves. The ideal temperature is (i believe) the same as core crops, and refining the leaves at the drug lab has no minimum crafting/medicine skill (for now), but does require you to complete the research associated with the mod. As for levelling intelligence, I have no idea but I will find out for you.


Seems like dropbox file is corrupt


Glad I don't have to use the Vegetable Garden mod to grow my own now.

That mod is great, but it's also fairly big. And I do NOT need more mods right now.
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Quote from: bullet on March 15, 2018, 09:22:22 AM
Seems like dropbox file is corrupt
The dropbox link and the archive works for me.
I think you need to update your archive tool.


I have researched Neutroaleaf Refining. I have neutroaleaves in my stockpile but my Drug lab won't show me recipe for refining neutroaleaf into neutroamine.

What do I have to do?