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Author Topic: The escapee  (Read 419 times)


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The escapee
« on: February 04, 2018, 04:28:36 PM »

It was a cold winter day in the colony of "Rice farm" and our food stocks were dwindling, due to the latest injury of my only cook Mai. We had not been able to cook and our packaged survival meals were starting to run out. We had no money, no components, and Randy was being a real asshole (constant heater breakdown/mechanoid raids). I knew my colony was going to perish soon and I believe that my colonists did too. I was pondering what to do when suddenly I got a message, "Raid." My heart sank and I tried to formulate a strategy, while this was going on out of the corner of my eye I saw something that truly was a beautiful Rimworld event. I saw my best colonist "Storch" walk outside and see the raiders setting up a mortar. He immediately walked inside grabbed a beer and all the colonists followed suit. I watched as my colonists sat down at the table and all drank a beer together for one last time. After this I drafted them and sent them out to meet their doom (I had 5 colonists against a raid of significant size, they had power armor too). My colonists took up positions and I saw the first mortar shell hit my base. It landed in the center of my defensive line and immediately killed 3 out of 5 colonists. Then the raid commenced. One of my colonists Zebo fought hard but they outclassed us in every single way. He was forced into the freezer and slowly bled out in the darkness, no one was there to comfort him. He died with the thoughts of all his friends dead and the colony burning. My last colonist "Storch" was holding out in his bedroom a single raider broke in but Storch was able to get a lucky headshot and kill him he immediately stripped him and dawned the dead mans power armor. I didn't want Storch to die as he was a great guy and did most of the work around the colony. So using the power of the Phi mod I cried out for help, I asked for a suitable owner to take in Storch and harbor him in their colony so he would not die. I got a response minutes later and sent him off, I got a message from Storch's new owner saying that sometimes Storch goes outside with some beer and looks off north while drinking his beer (the guy had an outside patio for his colonists). North was the direction the raid was coming from and where Storch stood to look at it. I like to think that Storch goes outside with the beer and does that in a sort of testament to his fallen comrades, I guess memories stay with all beings; even ones not physically with us.
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