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  • June 25, 2019, 08:00:27 PM
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Author Topic: Full screen game minimizes and returns to main monitor upon losing focus  (Read 184 times)


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What the circumstances were.

Rimworld is opened and moved to a second monitor. It is full screen.

What happened.

Any computer activity not focussed on Rimworld causes Rimworld to minimize and return to the first (main) monitor.

What you expected to happen.

If the Rimworld focus is lost, I expected it to pause and remain full screen on the second monitor (or monitor outside of/other than the main/original/first monitor).

Steps we can follow to make the bug appear on our machine. This part is important! We need a set of steps which we can follow to get the same results you're seeing. Ideally you'll test these steps to make sure they work from scratch.

Open Rimworld in full screen mode. Move Rimworld to a monitor other the monitor designated as the first monitor. Have or take the focus off of Rimworld.

I was able to replicate this issue in multiple environments 100% of the time. A save or log file weren't included as they didn't seem pertinent to this issue. I did find comparable bugs reported, but none like this. If you would like additional information, please advise. Thank you.

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