[1.0] Gear Up And Go

Started by Uuugggg, March 05, 2018, 08:41:38 AM

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Gear Up And Go

(This may be outdated; Check Steam for updates
Gear Up And Go Button
A button on colonists to Draft, Gear Up, and Go to a spot. They find gear for their current outfit then go to the spot.
YouTube demo

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1316142788
GitHub release: https://github.com/alextd/Rimworld-GearUpAndGo/releases


Wow thanks for another great mod!
(regarding dead man's apparel)
"I think, at the very least, the buff should go away for jackets so long as you're wearing the former owner's skin as a shirt."


Nice! Looking forward to trying this out later today!

Ser Kitteh

You're quickly becoming one of my favorite up and coming mod authors!

Gonna check this out!


I don't use Better Pawn Control and get this red error:

Could not load UnityEngine.Texture2D at UI/Buttons/Settings in any active mod or in base resources.
Verse.ContentFinder`1:Get(String, Boolean)


Great mod, just want to see if something else is possible though

At the moment, I can set an armour profile allowing certain armour types and if I change them to this manually without using gear up and go, they will go and add bits of armour leaving their base outfit unchanged. I play on a hot map, so they won't run off and pick up a random devilstrand parka because it would make them overheat. With Gear Up And Go though, they will go and pick up whatever piece of clothing they are missing and end up wearing said devilstrand parka in 45 degree heat outside, replacing their perfectly adequate duster because it has better stats.

Do I have to manually uncheck every specific clothing type I dont want them wearing or can the mod use the same logic when picking items as the base game to avoid them picking up cold weather gear on hot days?


The gear & go button uses the game's logic,

but it does make sure they optimize their apparel now instead of waiting.

If you draft the dude, change his outfit, then change it back, they should choose the same thing.

I am noticing the game does factor Insulation_Cold in the score, but not Insulation_Heat. So that's a vanilla bug perhaps.


Could you add a context menu that lets you select an outfit from the Gear and Go button? Just for convenience.


Easier way to set outfit, that is a good idea...

Although I would also like to hook into Better Pawn Control so you can just let it auto-pick the policy ( And it would then set different outfits for each pawn, as per Better Pawn Control policies )


Work fine. But then again, I really hope this feature would work with the loadout feature from SimpleSidearms/Combat Extended mod.



Was working for some time,  but now icon is there, I can press it, red circle/red cross-chair shows up, but wherever I click with a mouse, nothing happens.
Tried turning off all the mods that do similar things, moving it up on the top of mod list, but nothing. Any ideas?


whats about an error log ? If you got hugslib installed use the Share log button or press CTRL-F12.
Without hugslib read
to locate an error log.



Seems to be a bad interaction between Better Pawn Controls and Gear Up And Go. If BPC is enabled, then Gear Up and Go will straight up refuse to work. The button is there, clicking it brings up the "crosshair circle", but clicking does nothing.

Disabling Better Pawn Controls lets it work again, though you have to reassign the outfits manually, obviously.