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Started by Quasarrgames, April 22, 2014, 10:12:07 PM

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Day 058:

Today my whole world fell apart.

It was just meant to be a normal raid. Same old hide behind the sandbags and pick 'em off when they get too close. It was always flawless, an' I always loved it. When i rushed into the gauntlet (that's what i call the big entrance room with turrets everywhere) with the other colonists, the old hooligans from the town Desert Strength came by. They weren't our friends, but they hated the raiders as much as we did, an' they figured they'd help us and get some fresh heads for their trophy collections. However, when i got to my position, the guy in charge, Shrike, i think her name was, told everyone to quickly go to the back door. I was suspicious about why she'd tell us to go to the back door. Someone had bolted it up. There was no way anyone would get through, if they even noticed it. I stayed with the hooligans an' picked off the raiders. Strange, i thought there'd be more of them. Then i heard an explosion, and a bunch of gunshots coming from the back door. I waited 'till the gunshots subsided. I don't know why. It was the worst mistake i could make. When i came to my senses and charged to the back door, there were raiders all over the colony! I got slugged in the shoulder a couple of times, but i didn't even notice. As i wheeled around the corner, i saw the twisted husk of an autoturret, an' the back door was busted open.

An' it hadn't been bolted shut.

all my friends. Lying on the floor. Dead. Well, Wheatles an' Murray weren't completely dead, but they were bleedin' out pretty bad. I tried to carry Murray back to the beds, where She'd be safe.

She died in my arms.

On my way back, i picked off a couple of raiders with my pump shotgun. Made sure i could see the whites of their eyes before i splattered their brains on the walls. The randomly placed anti-drop pod turrets picked off a few more, before they exploded. I carried Wheatles back to his bed, then i killed as many raiders as i could. I even knocked one unconscious an' captured him. Eventually the sight of their dead friends made them sick enough to leave, an' i walked back to the beds. Alone. I was the last one.

Day 059:

I woke to the sound of an explosion. It was one of the Autoturrets blowin' up at the gauntlet. Two more raiders had shown up overnight. Came back to finish the job, eh? Good thing i left the autoturrets on overnight.

I went to check on the soldier i had captured. Found him dead on the bed. Must've slit his wrists overnight. Then i went to check on Wheatles. He's not doin' too good. Still hasn't woken up, an' i don't now how to feed him when he's asleep. I wish i was a doctor. Then i could fix him up. But i'm not a doctor. Heck, i can't even put on a friggin' band aid! There's also another prisoner from before. He kept askin' me what happened last night. Darn it, i wish i could talk to people, an' i wasn't so friggin' shy. 

I can't mend Wheatles, an' i can't recruit the prisoner. Soon they'll both die. I guess i really am all alone.

I'm all alone.

On the right path, but the wrong medication.

I like how there's a thing that displays how long you've logged in to the forums. It shows just how many hours you've spent here, never to get back...


Day 060:

I gave the prisoner some food. I didn't want to constantly be hearing him bawl his brains out as he starved to death over the next few weeks. An' i didn't think i could just let him go, he's the only awake companion i have in the entire colony, even if he's a pretty crummy guy an' he's starting to lose faith in me keeping him alive. I don't blame him for losing faith. I'm starting to do that too.

Then i figured i'd go an' say my last goodbye to Wheatles. Might as well be there when he finally died.

But i got there too late.

Ive never seen a guy who looked more peaceful. I looked like he was asleep. But his face was pale and cold.

At least he wasn't in pain anymore. His bullet holes finally stopped bleeding.
On the right path, but the wrong medication.

I like how there's a thing that displays how long you've logged in to the forums. It shows just how many hours you've spent here, never to get back...


Day 063:

I let the prisoner free. I know i said i didnt want to, but i figured he was just gonna be a drain on the food. I have enough food for a couple weeks stored, but the devil will have a snowball fight the day i start gardening. Ugh.

Anyways, the prisoner practically bolted out the door. I was really surprised how eager he was to go out into the wasteland. I guess it was better than slowly starving to death, which was what he thought he'd do.

I was really startin' to lose faith in the colony. I guess it was all the bodies i had to step over to cook my meals. Maybe it was also the fact that Murray was still lying where i left her, looking so... disturbed that i was afraid to touch her.

It pushed me to the brink of my sanity, seeing everyone just lying there. Some with limbs lying on the other side of the corridors, some with organs an' eyes dangling out. I've killed hundreds of people, maybe even thousands, when i was in the "special forces" back in the day, an' it never fazed me, but i guess every man has a breaking point. An' i had reached mine.

One day, i decided it wasn't worth it. I decided the next day i'd lie down in one of the open graves, put my shotgun barrel in my mouth, an' pull the trigger.

However, that night i had a dream. I had a dream that Wheatles, Murray, an' the rest of my friends were hovering over me, watching me.Then Wheatles spoke. The only words he said to me were:

"Grim, never give up Hope."

Then i woke up.

Wheatles wasn't just talking about me; he was talking about the whole colony. The colony was called Hope. At first i thought the name was silly, but now i understand. Everyone here was crash landed on a hostile alien world with little provisions an' an even littler chance of survival. The only thing they had left was hope. That was what the colony was built on. That's why so much time, so much energy, so much feeling was put into the colony. Because of hope.

If i died, it would all be for nothing

An' i couldn't let it be for nothing.
On the right path, but the wrong medication.

I like how there's a thing that displays how long you've logged in to the forums. It shows just how many hours you've spent here, never to get back...


Day 081:

A lot has happened over the last few weeks. The raiders attacked again. There were only two of them, an' i captured one when the battle was over. His name is George. I still don't know how to convince him to join the colony, but i was getting lonely again, an' i just wanted to have someone else around. I dont care about how many darn potatoes he eats.

A fire burnt half the greenhouse down. Crud. I wasn't using it anyway, but when i have to, ill have to build it all up again, an' that's gonna be a real pain for me.

I also made a couple more autoturrets. the raiders are probably still recovering their numbers, but when they do, i REALLY don't wanna be facing dozens of them on my own.

For security, i also sealed up the back door. That's right, i sealed it. Under a 6 foot thick stone wall. No son of a mitch raider is ever getting through there again!

The hooligans from strengths desert are starting to visit again. For some reason, they're all really ticked off. They're giving me all these dirty looks an' stuff. I tried to ask them why they're so mad, but they wont even talk to me. Weird. I just hope they don't get hostile all of a sudden.
On the right path, but the wrong medication.

I like how there's a thing that displays how long you've logged in to the forums. It shows just how many hours you've spent here, never to get back...


Day 082:

THE COMMS CONSOLE! I'VE BEEN SUCH AN IDIOT! I still can't believe i forgot all about it for three whole weeks! I can't believe it!

But, i guess, i've remembered it now. That's at least something.

Still can't believe it though!

Anyways, the first thing that popped into my tiny little brain was to contact the hooligans at Desert Strength. I needed to see why they were so darn angry with me. Thank god you can text with that thing. I have trouble talking to strangers, you know. The guy who came online was one of the hooligans who came to fight off the raiders with me at the gauntlet. He said that the autoturrets had turned and fired at his own guys. Now, i know for a fact that this is not true. Maybe the autoturrets' targeting systems are a bit slow, but they only target raiders (i helped build some of the turrets, by the way).  The hooligans were probably just standing right between a raider an' the turrets, the stupids. However, i didn't want to tick the guy off even more, an' i really don't like talking to strangers, so i just disconnected an' launched a few hundred silver his way. The hooligans didn't look at me so dirty after that.

Then the second thins that popped into my tiny little brain was "you can contact slavers an' buy a slave to help you".

Crud. I just gave most of my silver to the hooligans. I could barely buy a gun with what i have left. NOW im screwed.
On the right path, but the wrong medication.

I like how there's a thing that displays how long you've logged in to the forums. It shows just how many hours you've spent here, never to get back...

Jack 123

Shit happens mate I'm sorry me and the lads from The Orange River People could come and help you out.


Day 087:

Another day, another raid. This time there were only two, but one had Molotov cocktails. The crazy sonofamitch almost burned a turret down. A few days ago four pf 'em came. Luckily they were ill-equipped and kind of wounded. I'm still getting kind of worried, though. soon there'll be more of them, and i'm having a hard time maintaining all the autoturrets as it is, let alone if i built more of 'em.

For safety, i borrowed Squirrel's minigun. I know it's not right to use, well, dead people's things, but i figured he wouldn't mind. An' that thing REALLY packs a punch! I'm not kidding!

also, i finished burying all the colonists. gave 'em proper funerals an' all. Gosh i wish i'd made the time and done it sooner. It was kinda gratin' at me that they were just lying out in the open, but i didn't have time to give 'em all funerals. So glad i did it now, though. It feels like a weight is lifted off my chest.

Also, i started haulin' guns to the trade beacon. There are so many of 'em just lying around from the raids, an' i figured "Hey! Maybe they'd be worth something to a trader." I've hauled enough now that i figure should be able to sell 'em all an' get enough cash to free a slave. An' if i don't, i can always sell George. He tried to kill me, after all. An' he has a replacement now. A drifter from one of the raids. Don't know his name yet, but i figured he'd make a nice friend for George, for now at least.
On the right path, but the wrong medication.

I like how there's a thing that displays how long you've logged in to the forums. It shows just how many hours you've spent here, never to get back...


Day 090:
Today, things went haywire.

It was just another day, fixin' the autoturrets, haulin' food an' guns, an' waitin' for a trade ship to come along.

Until i saw the tower of smoke on the horizon. Nothin' natural makes that kind of smoke. It was pitch black like night. Even though they were miles off, i could hear the low metallic clanking.

Mechanoids. A whole army of 'em. An' they were headin' straight for the colony.

I'd only heard about mechanoids in stories. Ships ripped apart in the blink of an eye. Entire planets burned in pitch black smoke. If they were comin' here, an' it sure as heck looked like they were, there would be no survivors.

I couldn't run. If i ran, i'd be out in the open. I'd be an easy target. I'd have to stay an' fight.

I released the prisoners. They wouldn't be of any use now. I checked the autoturrets one last time, hefted my minigun, and stood behind the sandbags for one last stand.

"Grim, never give up Hope." Wheatles' words played in my head. Never give up Hope. I wasn't gonna give up hope. I wasn't gonna give up this colony. I was gonna stand an' fight. if i died, i died, but i was gonna die fighting for what i believed in. An' i believed in this colony.

The first time i came here, i was here to pillage an' raid. It was so long ago. Me an' my raider buddies would've slit each other's throats in our sleep for a few pieces of silver. We stumbled upon this colony an' thought we could get some fresh food ab' practice our shooting. Boy were we wrong. I was the only survivor, captured in a tiny prison cell. I thought they'd torture me, kill me i  all sorts of painful ways, but no. They showed me compassion, showed me their colony, an' eventually took me in as one of their own. I still don't know why, but boy am i glad they did it.

An' now, i was gonna pay them back with my life.

The mechanoids started comin' through the door. It was everything i imagined. A 10-foot-long centipede with five steely black eyes an' massive pincers an' a minigun just like me. Me an' the turrets riddled him with at least 50 bullets' but he kept fighting. He took out a turret an' nearly destroyed another before he finally fell.

Then the second one came. I still riddled him with bullets, but he had some type of plasma gun. He took out 3 turrets before he fell. His final action was to aim at me an' fire. He hit me four times in the side. It hurt more than anything I've ever felt before.

Then the third one came. He had a cannon that shoots fire. He took out the final two turrets, engulfing them in fire an' pitch black smoke. That's all my support down. I had to duck an incoming fireball before finally taking him down. The fire ball hit the base behind me, engulfing it in flames.

Then the fourth one came. I fell to my knees, not strong enough to stand anymore. I still held the minigun though, an' i filled it with as many bullets as i could. Still, it wasn't enough to kill it. It hit me in the shoulder twice. More had started coming in, their guns ready.

I dropped the minigun. I didn't have the strength to fight anymore. All my support was gone, the base was burning behind me, an' a mechanoid army was surging through the doors. I was done. I gave it my all, now i waited for death to consume me. At least now i had stood for what's right, and repayed my debt to the colony. I hadn't given up hope, because now i would be with everyone else. I had done it.

Suddenly, A steel mechanoid ship appeared over me- at least, i think it was mechanoid. I looked up at it. The ship shone a curtain of bright light over me, an' then...                          I was safe.

On the right path, but the wrong medication.

I like how there's a thing that displays how long you've logged in to the forums. It shows just how many hours you've spent here, never to get back...