Pity for the enemy

Started by BassMonroe, August 15, 2014, 05:53:08 AM

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A large swarm of pirates attacked my colony, we thought long and hard and lost most of our colony members. By the time the battle had finished 6 colony members out of 11 remained and an injured pirate. Seeing as i had lost all my good people i imprisoned the pirate to show him he's now in hell, but when i checked on his health stats seeing what parts were injured i actually felt sorry for the guy Haha, So in the end i recruited him and he is now a vital member of the colony except his fighting days are past him as his right Eye was "Shot Out" during the pirate assault. Which is a shame because his shooting stats where 8.


He can still shoot with one eye if he's good enough. One of my best siege-breaking snipers only had his left eye, and he could still routinely score headshots from the edge of his range at night.
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