Can't access name in game creation.

Started by jokitsa, April 13, 2018, 04:33:05 PM

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Purchased the game + Pirate King upgrade back in August 2016 via steam. I am attempting to login with my steam details via the following link - After doing this I am taken to a screen saying "Almost there!" and prompting me for an email address. I entered my email address and followed the activation instructions sent to me, but am unable to access my account. The website gives me no option to log in on any screen, nor via the instructions sent to my email. After this failed I registered a plain Ludeon account to see if I could link my steam account this way but sadly now I'm just left with an account, minus the game.

I would really like to be able to redeem my benefits so any/all help is greatly appreciated.



Sorry to hear you are having some problems with the Creative Rewards website. I can't do anything myself as the CR site is totally separate to these forums. But if you contact ItchyFlea either by email care of Ludeon support [email protected] , or via a forum PM (here's his profile page);u=959, and explain the problem to him, then I'm sure he'll be able to help you sort it out.


Also having the same problem.

Registered last year to the creative website but couldn't decide on a name at the time.

Go to the website, click on the method of purchase, get an 'Almost There!' page, enter email and it says this email is already registered.

Will contact ItchyFlea as per Calahan instructions but thought I'd feedback that I'm having the same issue for others.