[A17]MyLostHead - Draw heads for the head-less!

Started by user19990313, June 08, 2017, 09:30:10 AM

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MyLostHead - Draw heads for the head-less!
For A17b(build1557)

(Image link's always broken,I have to replace it with an attachment...)

This mod could draw heads for all corpses,even if their heads are lost.

Notice:This mod might lower the game performance (very slightly).

1.Activate this mod(after Core mod)
2.Choose "Options->Mod Settings"
3.Click the button and choose "MyLostHead" in the float menu
4.Enable or disable this Tweak


PS. You can activate/disable this mod halfaway without corrupting your saves(there will be a window"Mod Inconsistent",just ignore it).
PS2.There might be a warning when loading the mod,ignore it,because that's a safety check :P
PS3.If you have too many pawns on the map and you find it ridiculously lag (after using this mod),shout in the forum thread.I might consider a fork version with high performance but (very) poor compatibility.
PS4.Load this mod after Core.

No known mod conflict yet.
Stay sharp on mods which involve pawn rendering!
Add this mod any time you like.
Remove this mod any time you like.
You don't have to create a new game.
-Can modpack makers include your mod in their modpack?
-Whatever,as long as you don't remove <author /> tag.And inform me in this thread.

-Can other modders make derivative mods based on yours?
-No.There's nothing to inherit in this mod ;) .

English & Chinese Simplified


[See the second floor please]

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See the attachment

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Personally I think losing the head is a great little feature, but just like the old chunk textures some people do like the old more than the new so hang in there c:


I'd actually like heads to be shown, but they should be detached. I don't know if this is possible, but that'd be a really cool addition.


I just realized that that's something I miss from Dwarf Foretress: all the parts flying off in combat. If I blow someone's head clean off, I want to see it go flying.


It seems that this mod is not dead yet, because someone sends PM asking for a B18 version.
Here is the B18 version, and I think I won't work on this mod anymore. I mean I may update it for myself, but I won't guarantee I would release it.

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