A (not so successful) Rimworld playthrough

Started by Cheetah266, May 25, 2018, 12:49:13 PM

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Hey guys, so after playing Rimworld for a while, I wanted to document my progress as it happened. So this is the first 15 days for a new colony. It doesn't have pictures yet because my PC is playing up, but if you want to see more, please let me know  :). Anyway, I'll let you get on with reading, Enjoy!

Day 1 - Eggnog, the nudist deep space miner skilled in construction and mining; Villain the Doctor skilled in medicine (obviously) as well as fighting and cooking plus the prostitute Xue skilled in growing, art and research crash land, (by pure luck) in a mountainous, temperate biome with a permanent growing season.
After a hard landing, they find basic supplies as well as a few weapons to fight off threats, along with their Yorkshire Crockett who while unskilled, is friendly and generally doesn't want to bite anybody's face off. Eggnog takes the knife and strips off her clothing, Xue takes the revolver and Doctor takes the rifle.
Eggnog creates a simple barracks while Xue starts growing potatoes and rice, after creating a simple solar panel, all three rest.

Day 2 - A food system is created and Eggnog gets to work creating a dining room. The first event is a refugee skilled in medicine, shooting and research arrives. She is named Emerald. The raider called Rose arrives with a small shiv to attack. Emerald suffers a few bruises but Villain downs him and Eggnog finishes him off with a few quick stabs.
Emerald is also a nudist and strips off while Xue grabs the shiv, the revolver going to Emerald instead. The structure of the kitchen and freezer is finished but installations still need to go in including the coolers.

Day 3 - At four in the morning, two pigs arrive. After the freezer is completed they will go to slaughter. Soon after the freezer is completed but before anything else happens, Emerald goes on a food binge. the food is our livelihood so she cannot be allowed to do anything to it. Eggnog brings her in and after a small scuffle release her. She is treated for her bruises. Eggnog also starts mining steel while Xue finishes hauling the wood and steel. It is found that Emerald has Alzheimer's so after coming to a collective decision the colonists tell her she she has to go. After she is treated she will be banished.

Day 4 - Villain and Xue have fallen in love during the short time they have been together and are now lovers. Villain, being in a strangely philosophical mood decides to name the colony Hope's Inspiration while Xue names the settlement The Oaken Plains. Just after Emerald is banished due to the risk she inspires. So much for hope perhaps. Simple meals are starting to be created and a mountain is going to be mined into to create bedrooms. A prison barracks is finished and the pigs are slaughtered. Life starts to become more rhythmic as a timetable is established with Xue as a night owl.

Day 5 - A chunk of spacecraft falls from the sky near the base. Xue has been harvesting berries and chopping wood all night for the other two as they wake up. Villain hunts ibex rams to fill the food gap as the first rice harvest arrives. Cotton is planted to eventually create clothing and simple prosthetics.

Day 6 - A solar flare arrives that shuts down all electronics for around a day. Around 12 electricity comes back as Eggnog begins construction of a research room. A second rice harvest arrives just as Xue wakes up. During the night, 38 alpha beavers arrive but it is only a migration.

Day 7 - Inspection of the surrounding area reveals an insect hive hidden in a cave near a vein of gold. That will need to destroyed ASAP, but first better weapons and more people. A physic drone arrives at 1 in the afternoon as the research bench is finished. A small bunker has been created on the east side of the colony too. Research is started on smithing. That will be carried out by Xue.

Day 8 - As Eggnog deconstructs an old wall, a mad squirrel attacks. Eggnog easily vanquishes it with a stab to the chest. Xue works on general cleanup around the base while Villain cooks and butchers. Eggnog rests.

Day 9 - Progress is finally made in mining into the mountain. Xue will need to begin researching again now but hauling is of similar importance. A bulk goods trader from Alus, one of the more advanced factions on the planet arrives to trade. Villain arrives to meet them. Eggnog's clothing is sold for 330 silver but they have no items of interest for the minute. At midnight a heat wave arrives. This can be solved easily but the time it struck is a pain. Eggnog is woken up to deal with the main problem in the barracks.

Day 10 - The trade caravan arrives as Xue goes back to sleep, the former leaving dirt and animal filth all over the nice wooden floor, Bastards.  Xue decides on an alternating structure for her work scheme, switching between research and hauling. Eggnog stops being an asshole and adds a light to the prison barracks as Villain attempts to earn his place by learning to mine. Xue is so very close to learning how to grow heal root, but that will be a welcome addition to the colony. A cooler is added to the research room as Xue is developing heatstroke.

Day 11 - While harvesting the potatoes and rice, Xue figures out healroot! Finally. An ostrich that found it's way into our research room suffers a cruel death. While the steel vein inside the mountain is helpful, compacted metal is a lot stronger than sandstone. A wall is starting to be constructed in order to  protect once again.

Day 12 - A physic soothe arrives in the morning to calm the nerves of all woman. A mad gazelle attacks but Villain and Eggnog put it down with only a bruise on Villain's leg. During the night, Eggnog and Villain continue to rest while Xue finishes research. I am now anticipating the first raid. Thankfully, it should only be two or three.

Day 13 - At three in the morning, Xue becomes inspired to create an amazing piece of art. Not really what I need. The heatwave finishes around 11 as Eggnog continues to build the wall while Villain upgrades his mining skill. Just after, a peace talk opportunity comes up with the hostile tribe The Black Stream Pact. Even though it is only 1.1 days away I don't want to lose someone that valuable.

Day 14 - Nothing much happens today apart from the physic soothe ending. Damn. I had enjoyed that mood boost. I also finally plan out the healroot growing zone. Also I have run out of building to deconstruct so it's time to build a stonecutter's table. The structure is finished in the evening and the tables are starting to be made.

Day 15 - We start the last day of the first chapter with a raid. A single man from The Black Monkeys faction is waiting to attack. Nothing we can't handle then. However, he does have a knife and level 10 in melee. If we could capture him he could take over research from Xue. I will get all three out there as a lucky strike could cripple any of my colonists. Just as he attacks, an escape pod crashes down, but German, the colonist inside is useless, incapable of caring, social, firefighting and hauling. At the same time Charlton Whitestone sends me a message telling me about a ship. But our aim is to build one not get to one. Back to the raid and Bishop the raider is knocked down but will bleed out. Villain retrieves him and the others go back to their previous tasks.While the man is frail, researching is not a very demanding task, and neither is shooting. At 94% difficulty though, it might take a while to recruit him.


I love stories and I hope that everyone try's to contribute in telling their stories as it is interesting and intriguing to see people connect through the tales they create.