Give info about raid requests

Started by Alenerel, May 27, 2018, 04:42:37 AM

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The main problem with these raid requests (someone asking you to raid X outpost, a crashed refugee asking to save him, an item stash) is that you dont have enough info to know if its worth it or more importantly know if you can tackle it. My suggestion is to add some kind of information like:
- There are 4 tribals with neolitic weapons.
- There are 15 pirates with modern weapons (implying MGs, rifles but not charge rifles) and moderate protection (implying armor vests and helmets)
- There are 25 pirates with spacer weapons (implying charge rifles) and spacer protection (power armor). There are also 3 turrets.

Situation that led me to this: In my last play I have received several raid requests. In year 8 and bored of everything I decided to take 2 and go raid outposts... With my 15 guys with charge rifles and armor vests I encountered first 4 tribals and in the second one some pirates with some revolvers and hunting rifles... Ofc I steamrolled them, but I had no idea if I could tackle them when I received the offers many years earlier, so I just decided to not commit to a possible suicide assault.


wheres the fun without surprise  ;)
I love stories and I hope that everyone try's to contribute in telling their stories as it is interesting and intriguing to see people connect through the tales they create.


a bit of surprise is ok... but in this game losing a pawn is devastating and i rather not send them to a "maybe 4 guys maybe 25" attack. interestingly the opposite also applies, as i said, its not very fun to find that you are raiding an outpost with last tech and they are 3 naked tribals.