Builder work change

Started by Andre27, May 28, 2018, 01:27:06 PM

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Recently I noticed that when I went to build stuff my constructors would finish maybe a fourth of the work on a wall, and then go and work on another section of the wall half the time and the other half do somehting completly unrelated. And they'd do the same thing again several times during a single wall construction even. I'm pretty sure it's one of the mods I'm running but I can't figure it out tbh.

I'm currently using HugsLib, EPOE, A Dog Said, Chemicals & Neutroamine, Mending, Set-Up Camp, Camping Stuff, ResearchPal, HelpTab, Stack Merger, Better Workbench Management, and EdB Prep Carefully.

I would have thought that it's maybe something like stack merger messing with them but turning it off didn't change anything. Neither did turning off EPOE, A Dog Said, C&N or Mending. I didn't try the rest of them yet since they haven't caused any issues previously and I was always running them on the save already, while the ones I listed were recently added.

Ofcourse it might just be that this has been happening for a longer time and I just haven't noticed, since I usually don't pay much attention to what they're up to specifically, though this time I was trying to reconstruct my freezer in a timely fashion and did pay attention.


Were there people walking through the blueprints? There's a... bug? with B18 that causes builders to not be able to work on buildings in that situation, so they go do their next prioritized task. There's a mod to change that behavior, I believe it's called Ignore Me Passing or something to that effect.


I don't believe so, I've had them start working on it and then immediatly stop and go clean or something with no one else around. And I've also had one of them just keep cleaning non-stop, even though cleaning was at priority three while they had construction at priority one, and construction projects they could work on. But that person just didn't, simply kept cleaning.