Slaughter auto-haul

Started by Andre27, May 29, 2018, 10:44:01 PM

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So I did a cursory look through search but didn't seem like anyone was asking for this, mostly other automatic animal features, which would also be great. But one thing that would be fantastic would be if a pawn slaughtered an animal (except due to the slaughterer mental break), that they then also auto-haul it back to an appropriate storage, similar to hunting, and honestly I can't believe this isn't a feature.

I just recently lost about a cow and 3 boars to rotting after slaughtering them, because I neglected to think of the fact that it doesn't auto-haul. That was pretty bad when my food situation was already pretty bad.

EDIT: And hauling milk after milking the cows and so on.


Lol that is my constant problem with the tammed animals. I still keep finding chem fuel and milk all across the map. I haven't butchered my cows yet since of the instant drop of milk that helps feed my pawns. Bulls are a bit annoying since all they do is eat my supply of ready meals instead of the plant food I prepared for them so I try to reduce their population after they pregnant my cows.
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