[1.3] AutoCapture (1.0.0)

Started by emax, September 30, 2021, 12:21:05 PM

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Auto-Capturing mod for RimWorld!

The AutoCapture Mod is a simple mod used to make capturing less micro-intensive. Simply designate downed enemies/pawns to be captured, and they will automatically be imprisoned by your colonists. Pawns with the lowest bleeding rates will be captured first.

How to use it?

Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtX96PF-IrQ or:

  • Go to the work tab, and enable/prioritze the 'Capture' work type;
  • Go to the 'Orders' tab, and select the 'Capture' tool;
  • Designate an area around any downed enemies/pawns;
  • Let your colonists take the designated enemies to bed (healthiest ones will be taken first);
Please note that some colonists might not prioritize capturing first, for example they might eat something before auto-capturing (can't disable that, sorry).


This is a simple mod. You can use it and modify it without crediting me.


This is a great idea, but shouldn't they prioritize the ones closest to death, so that they can get them to a bed and treated more quickly? The ones least hurt can handle being downed for longer.


when you focus at the closest to death, and you don't have a doctor ready for them they will die. Same when the doctor is too slow or the time too short.
That will result at a mood penalty.

A mod option for priority order would be nice.
- Time to survive highest to lowest
- Time to survive lowest to highest
- Marketvalue


A good handy mod that allows for autmated way of capturing on one hand with simple algorithm, though best results are achieved by micro-managing captures and use of pause button.
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