1man raids 1manhunter (modded )

Started by tonsrd, June 18, 2018, 03:05:03 PM

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I keep getting 1man raids and 1 manhunter packs im 60 days in the raids should be scaleing and there not.

my mods-
HugsLib[4.1.1]: 0Harmony(, HugsLib(
JecsTools: 0Harmony(, 0JecsTools(, AbilityUser(, AbilityUserAI(, CompActivatableEffect(, CompAnimated(, CompDeflector(, CompDelayedSpawner(, CompExtraSounds(, CompInstalledPart(, CompLumbering(, CompOverlays(, CompOversizedWeapon(, CompSlotLoadable(, CompToggleDef(, CompVehicle(, PawnShields(
[B18] Advanced Animal Frameworks 1.0: AnimalJobs(, AnimalVehicles(, AnimalWeaponFramework(
ED-EnhancedOptions: 0Harmony(, ED-EnhancedOptions(
RuntimeGC: RuntimeGC(
Animal Tab: 0Harmony(, AnimalTab(
Medical Tab: 0Harmony(, _harmonycheck(, MedicalInfo(
Wildlife Tab: WildlifeTab(
EdB Prepare Carefully: 0Harmony(, EdBPrepareCarefully(
CustomDeathRandomness: CustomDeathRandomness(
Color Coded Mood Bar: 0Harmony(, ClassLibrary(
Blueprints: Blueprints(
Allow Tool: $HugsLibChecker(, AllowTool(
Numbers: RWNumbers(
Mad Skills: 0Harmony(, MadSkills(
Make War Not Love: MakeWarNotLove(
Map Reroll: $HugsLibChecker(, MapReroll(
Sometimes Raids Go Wrong: RaidersCanBeUnlucky(1.0.6580.21336)
Miniaturisation: (no assemblies)
Omni Core Drill B17: 0Harmony(, OmniCoreDrill(
noORGANthoughts: (no assemblies)
[KV] Trading Spot - B18: TradingSpot(
Dismiss Trader: 0Harmony(, Dismiss_Trader(
Vein Miner: VeinMiner(
Extended Trade Beacon: Extended Trade Beacon(
Firefoam Grenades: (no assemblies)
Infused: 0Harmony(, Infused(
Reclaim, Reuse, Recycle: 0Harmony(, _harmonycheck(, ReclaimReuseRecycle(
ResearchPal: 0Harmony(, ResearchPal(
[RF] Faction Control [b18]: 0Harmony(, Rainbeau's Faction Control(1.0.6567.694)
[RF] More Trait Slots [b18]: 0Harmony(, More Trait Slots(1.0.6525.17126)
Auto Seller: RWAutoSell(
SameSpot: 0Harmony(, SameSpot(
Combat Readiness Check: 0Harmony(, CRC_Revivified(1.0.6499.26927)
4M Mehni's Misc Modifications: 0Harmony(, 4M(
QualityBuilder: QualityBuilder(
QualitySurgeon: 0Harmony(, QualitySurgeon(
Stack XXL[1.0.0]: $HugsLibChecker(, StackXXL(
Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering: (no assemblies)
A Dog Said...: (no assemblies)
Better Pawn Control: $HugsLibChecker(, BetterPawnControl(
SS Damage Indicators: 0Harmony(, DamageMotes(
Firefoam Belt: 0Harmony(, FirefoamBelt(
Food Alert: FoodAlert(
GeneticRim b18: 0Harmony(, AnimalRangedVerbsUnlocker(, DraftingPatcher(, ExplosionTypes(, ModCheck(, NewAnimalSubproducts(, NewHatcher(
Megafauna: 0Harmony(, ModCheck(
Defensive Machine Gun Turret Pack: (no assemblies)
Miscellaneous 'CORE': ColonistKeys(, CommonMisc(
Misc. MapGen FactionBase: MapGeneratorFactionBase(
Misc. Robots: AIRobot(
New Zone Tools: ChequerCancel(1.0.6533.2903), PlantsCutBlight(1.0.6533.5071), ReplaceWall(1.0.6533.3386), SameGrowZone(1.0.6533.3167)
Number 22 with Rice: (no assemblies)
OHU Ships: 0Harmony(, 0OHUShips(
Pandora Dark: Pandora Dark(1.0.6533.12336)
Patient Sanity: PatientFlex(1.0.6532.11648)
SS Researchable Stat Upgrades: 0Harmony(, ResearchableStatUpgrades(
[KV] Refugee Stats - B18: 0Harmony(, RefugeeStats(
[sd] advanced powergeneration: sd_adv_powergen(1.0.6572.27121)
[sd] luciferium production: sd_luciprod(1.0.6580.39102)
Shutdown All: ShutdownAll(1.0.6577.27920)
SS Bigger Batteries: 0Harmony(, ClassLibrary(
VGP Vegetable Garden: 0Harmony(, ModCheck(
VGP Garden Fabrics: (no assemblies)
VGP Garden Medicine: ModFinder(
VGP Garden Resources: (no assemblies)
VGP Garden Tools: VGDrinks(
USCM - Core: FlameWeapons(
USCM - Colonial Marines Corps Faction: (no assemblies)
USCM - Xenomorphs Faction: (no assemblies)
Star Wars - Factions: 0Harmony(, SWFactions(
Star Wars - Fully Functional Lightsabers: 0Harmony(, 0JecsTools(, AbilityUser(, CompActivatableEffect(, CompDeflector(, CompOversizedWeapon(, CompSlotLoadable(, SWSaber(
Star Wars - The Force: 0Harmony(, ProjectJedi(, _jecsToolsChecker(
[CP] DOOM - UAC Furniture (B18): (no assemblies)
[CP] Military Furniture (B18): 0Harmony(, RedHorse(
[CP] Rimmu-Nation - Camping Stuff (B18): (no assemblies)
[CP] Rimmu-Nation - Clothing (B18): MiniCCL(
[CP] Rimmu-Nation - Weapons (B18): RNPortalTurret(
Advanced Cabinets: (no assemblies)
[XND] Animal Armor: 0Harmony(, AnimalArmourCrowbar(
AntiAutoUnload: AntiAutoUnload(
DeadmanFix: (no assemblies)
Doors Expanded: 0Harmony(, DoorsExpanded(
ED-Embrasures: (no assemblies)
Efficient Light: (no assemblies)
Giddy-up! Core: GiddyUpCore(
Giddy-up! Caravan: GiddyUpCaravan(
Giddy-up! Ride and Roll: GiddyUpRideAndRoll(
Giddy-up! Battle Mounts: Battlemounts(
RunAndGun: RunAndGun(
Hunting Alert: Hunting_Alert(1.0.6532.1575)
I Can Fix It!: 0Harmony(, ICanFixIt(1.0.6532.22682)
Better Workbench Management: $HugsLibChecker(, ImprovedWorkbenches(
Heavy defences: (no assemblies)
JTExport: JTExport(
LongRangePodLauncher: (no assemblies)
Mechanoids Extraordinaire: (no assemblies)
Minigun Handling Techniques, Vol. 3: (no assemblies)
More Fuel In Fueled Generators: (no assemblies)
[B18] Trading Economy Mod 2.6 : WalkingProblemUpdateNote(
[XND] Plant Cutting is for Growers!: (no assemblies)
Rot Tick Fix: RotTickFix(
Idle Pawn Fix: IdleFix(