[1.0.1938-1.0.1940] - stacking in storage (not a bug, but an inconvenience)

Started by silenced, June 21, 2018, 01:43:54 AM

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There is a feature now, that pawns will restack stacks of items, like meat.

Example: I got 100 meat, one is a stack of 75, the other is a stack of 25. Now my cook comes and takes 5 of the meat to make a fine meal, then another pawn comes by and takes 5 of the 25 stack and adds it to the now 70 stack of meat to fill it back up to 75 meat. Both stacks are in the same storage area.

This may be fine at first, but it really adds an additional job that is NOT required at all, especially when you set someone to priority hauling over everything else, and have him do other work after hauling is done. Adding that haul job every few seconds = not useful.

Dear Tynan, please add an option to disable 'restacking' on the storage settings itself.
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And/or make it so ingredients are taken from the smaller stacks first, and are added to the incomplete stacks rather than creating a new one, so that restacking won't even be necessary.