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Is it possible for me to chance my name-in-game?


A little longer than half a year ago, I bought and used the name-in-game "DLC" through Steam. I want to change the name I gave the character at the time, due to the fact that I do not like the name I entered compared to what I want entered now. Recently, my friends have begun calling me by a nickname of sorts, and I believe it would fit much better into the game when compared to the name I entered half a year ago.
 Basically, I want to know if it is at all possible for me to change the name, or request a change from Ludeon.

Chicken Plucker:
Leaving a post here too. Darn, July 1 and no luck eh?

I want to change my name as well, seems it's not allowing me to edit it.

As far as I know you can change names during your game creation but not after that?


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