Firewood and Boards

Started by Robc, July 18, 2018, 06:15:50 PM

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Balancing wood seems to be a challenge.  Separating Wood into Firewood and Boards could be beneficial for balancing purposes and allow tree planting to be made quicker again.  Some trees are suitable only for Firewood, some could provide both.  Obtaining any Boards at all for construction could depend on plant cutting skill if desired.


A side effect of this would be that you could forbid firewood so that torches/campfire/passive coolers don't get auto-refilled. It's a roundabout way of not deconstructing them when you don't need them.

But you'd still have wood to make sculptures and doors with. Interesting idea!


Call me Arty

 Was going to call this pointless until I thought about it a bit more.

Sawmill/table, trees make logs, logs make boards or firewood, logs make strong-but-ugly walls that are slow to build, boards make weak-but-pretty walls that are quick to build. Firewood burns the longest of the three. I . . . kinda like it. No way it's getting added, but I'd embrace the complexity. Reminds me of Rise to Ruins.
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