pawn placement should overwrite animal placement

Started by Bobisme, September 11, 2018, 12:05:32 PM

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I have a large amount of dogs and cougar n panthers that fight along side of me..
Quite often i will be fighting a group and my pawns will not move to a position because an animal on the other side of the map has claimed that standing spot, when you have several 'drafted animals' it can become quite painful to see a pawn not being able to fight, because 4 dogs are on their way and taken up the cramped fighting space..

Pawn placement should over ride animal placement, the animal should be pushed out to the next available square, the situation could become make or break.

I've had the situation happen a few times but just now i had a crashed ship battle in a small area and i could not get my people in there as animals took up the empty space, so my 15 man army was reduced to 9 or so, the rest had to stand outside as dogs wanted the standing spot, who were 'miles away'