I have decided, since I started playing the Brutal Nudist I take the first one

Started by Rei-No, September 14, 2018, 11:29:05 AM

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no matter how bad no matter rather they live or die, I do my best each game to see that they can survive.  And today I had one of the strangest games of them all.
Ok I took this your girl  construction 1 0 mining - cooking  1 at plant picking So I set off to level her consturction as quick as possible  I had her tear down the place I would of normally selected as her living quarters and we went on for several days she just barely got her trap laid and well snap it killed the Raid guy basically prior to that the mad animal got slaugtered by visitors who also took out a wolf on there way in.  and then a mryraid of errors happened to her .  she got to low on food as soon as she woke up I sent her to get a plant but it was a long ways off  she got there and she picked it yea  opps she ate it and passed out  Major food poisoning after that(  (she was also an addict and it hit her just prior to the food poisoning) she never woke up but it took her a few days to die, just prior to her death 2 animals self tamed number1 was an  antalope and we had a raid number 1  the guy  went for the first one tamed it stabed him a few times before it died to his knife and then he went after tame 2 a muffalo.  the muffalo made short work of the guy and I decided to keep playing since the game never said everyone died? ( or did it)  I made a sleeping spot for the wounded muffalo and it made a bee line for it,  every time just before I knew he'd loose it I cleared his sleeping spot he would get up and go eat i'd put down  new box  and he promptly went to it until he was healed  he then tackled raid 2, I kept wondering how long he would stay tamed to an absent dead host  over a long period of time a wanderer  finally joined.  this one was'nt much better then the first  but she could at least cook but everything was in the toilet so she was really super slow at anything,  she came with a pistol and that made hunting easier for her until while she was out hunting I got a notice that a bear was hunting her.  I tried to get her back the the home but the bear managed to winger her some how.  at that point there was no use running she was to slow and the bear would catcher  so I had her turn around and start shooting the bear. but she only managed one hit before it was on her and well she died..  this time I got the everyone is dead in your story so it ended there, I never knew a muffalo counted as  player  lol  he did survive though he had the highest score for the day  3 raid kills..