The RimWorld green text experience.

Started by Wicker, September 19, 2018, 05:26:46 PM

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>be me
>random ass guy in a slave trading caravan
>mfw when we find a colony desperate for food
>one guy desperately runs up to me and sells me all their silver in exchange for slave
>guy proceeds to beat the slave to death with his bare hands
>bare hands
>im watching in horror
>this guy picks up the dead body and hurls it onto a table outside
>eats the fresh dead body raw
>fucking raw
>mfw i just commited manslaughter
>mfw when i notice a pile of dead rotting caravan muffalos and dead bodies
>mfw i realise im about to fucking die

>what do Anons?
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Be me.
See dark green text on a black background.
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What do Anons?
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I never got how pawns in the game could have such insanely bad reactions to such mundane things.
Then I came to the forums.


>Be me
>Crashlanded on some backwater shitbin of a planet
>Get rescued by some nobodies from an unremarkable colony
>2 days later we ran out of food
>Matilda ate all the muffaloaf: the landwhale went on a binge because she was too far from a table.
>Start raiding passing caravans for food
>They started coming with less food, now they bring bricks and slaves
>Remember I ate someone once.
>Fuck, I'll just do it again.
>Buy one plump looking one.
>Tear him apart right there and eat him
>Trader's on to me, dunno what tipped him off
>Don't have a weapon on me
>What do Anons?

-Insert Witty Joke Here-


>be me
>chad pirate minding my own business
>suddenly spot transport pods falling from the heavens
>assume its our old scavenger group coming back from a raid
>entire groups of families come to hail our pirate friends who have been missing for a while
>doors start opening
>entire team starts cheering
>mfw its stack with corpses full of our old mangled up friends and their pets
>start feeling depressed
>really angry
>go to fight all my old family and friends who are also shooting eachother
>mfw about 100 dead bodies came out of the transport pod
>mfw when i see a bunch of colonists staring at us killing eachother from afar
>mfw they loot my dead friends

Seriously, this was probably the funnest shit i pulled of in RimWorld to date. I just sent a fucking armies worth of dead people to a nearby base and caused all of them to break and kill eachother.
Oh, also. Im glad i started a trend.
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> be me
> managing struggling colony
> really need colonists
> slaver caravan comes
> no money
> slavers hang around a bit
> one of the slaves insults one of the caravan guards
> the guard beats the shit out of him
> check price again
> slave covered in bruises but is five times cheaper
> buy him
> slavers leave
> slave i bought heals in a day, now a useful colonist
> best trade deal in the history of trade deals