New long term event involving pirates

Started by JohnLG, July 21, 2018, 08:04:58 PM

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I was thinking the other day that there aren't a whole lot of situations where you fight other humans where you're not really fighting for your total survival.  Raids are pretty much always intended to be existential threats, and that's pretty much it as far as fighting other humans.  Any thoughts on how the following event would play out and if it would be a net positive for the game?

Potential flavor text - "A tragedy of some sort has befallen a nearby pirate base, and the former occupants have begun wandering the area in search of supplies"

A long-term event akin to toxic fallout or volcanic winter, but rather than an environmental danger you have a slow stream of hostile humans attracted to the map.  After the event triggers, very small groups of pirates would wander into the map and either roam around looking for food or try to attack you out of desperation.  The point of the event would be to have a situation where you can encounter small skirmishes no matter how far along you are, rather than having to draft the entire colony and have a huge battle whenever hostile humans show up.  The duration of the event serves to discourage using your entire colony to fight each time since it probably wouldn't be worth interrupting everyone's jobs constantly for the duration of the event. 

Again, I found after a while that there were no minor battles outside of caravans, and I would like to see a few more types of small encounters with enemy humans rather than just wild animals.  Obviously I don't know exactly how this sort of event would end up playing out.  Maybe it would just be annoying with no redeemable qualities, but in my mind it seems like it could be an interesting temporary condition to have on your map. 


I think something like this would end up a lot like the Toxic Fallout event. You simply end up barely going outside your base because it will hurt your pawns.
I tend to not be afraid of 1-3 pirates after a while, though. So going and dealing with them like you would a siege is another option.
Maybe an emphasis on them hunting down nearby animals/picking bushes clean/building non-sandbag structures?


Hmm. Or maybe something like... A small group of pirates wanders on your map and builts a small outpost with 1-2 turrets? And in order to find food they would hunt animals and forage nearby berry bushes, or even make a small growing zone. It would be then something like a psyhic drone/poison ship but without the debuff and with a feel of being in danger.