Started by Snowcaller, July 15, 2018, 11:18:47 AM

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He's a good lad, our Dave.
Stays up all night researching or cutting stones and can cook a slap up meal in a heartbeat.
He's solid in a fight as well, he can poke a hole in a coin with that six gun of his.

One small problem with Dave, tho.

We're supposed to be a drug cartel but he keeps gacking back the yayo.
We're always finding him on the floor after going over...again.
We'd be selling flake but can't take the chance.

Great bloke Dave, shame he snorts all the yay. :|


Well Rimworld got an update so the story of Dave the druggie night owl is over.
He really did impact on my cartel's product :)
Some of my pawns leave an impact on me.

Dave, he stayed up all night getting shit done.
And he snorted all the yay. :D


Dave sounds like a trooper just enjoying life


Yeah Dave was a trooper.
He got shit done so i didn't mind him partying hard.
I would have liked to have seen that story play out.
Can't judge Tynan for getting his game finished.