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Started by Apezdr, November 03, 2013, 02:17:00 AM

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Hello! This is my first post on the forums, I bought the game as a Influence level backer. I have been watching videos and I was wondering...what would multiple stories do to this game inside of buildings?

I have high hopes for this game on its current path, but this is just a random thought I had earlier. I believe that adding multiple floors to buildings could create immersion and it would definitely make ceiling collapse incidents a lot more important. I also think that it would work wonders with the current system you have in place with the raiders and how they set fire to buildings. This could burn up the side of the building or spread from the first story up, or maybe the raiders think there are valuables worth taking in here so they don't immediately set fire to it....I'm not sure where I'm going with this. I hope I made my suggestion clear enough for you guys. Leave me a response with your thoughts!


This has been suggested many times already and there are many reasons why there is not going to be multiple level any time soon or ever.

Quote from: Semmy on October 02, 2013, 09:01:35 PM
Question: Will there be z-levels (vertical mapping)?

Answer: All the coordinates are tracked in 3-vectors already (though only the two horizontal axes are used), so the potential for 3D is in the game.

I am afraid that there is basically no way a modder would ever be able to mod Z-axis into the game. It is a beast of a feature. Here's some basic issues you'd have to handle:
-Lighting spilling over Z-levels
-Save/load of a geometrically larger amount of stuff (e.g. 200x200 map = 40k squares, 200x200x10 = 400k squares!)
-Line of sight for shooting
-AI tactical analysis of shooting lines of sight etc
-Cover usefullness varying at vertical angles
-Interface for moving through Z-levels
-Rendering visible lower Z-levels while being on higher ones

I could go on and on... Anyway, there is tons to do in RimWorld, my general thought is that the best cost/benefit move is to leave Z-levels to Towns, DF, Gnomoria, Stonehearth, and all those other games and focus on what RimWorld is really uniquely about: AI Storyteller, tactical AI, and so on.