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Started by Alias, September 29, 2018, 04:41:03 AM

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It was suggested that I make a new post for this mod as I am unofficial maintainer (and the original post is getting pretty out of date), I take credit only for the update, the original idea and the mod itself belong solely to Nandonalt. I have modified the original post to better reflect the current version of Camping Stuff

Quote from: Nandonalt on January 04, 2017, 08:27:06 PM

-> Deployable Tent
-> Portable Stove

Seeing the popularity of the Set-Up Camp mod (not required), I decided to make some new objects to improve your camping experience.
This does not require a new save.


10/21/2018 - VERSION 0.6.0:
-> Added v1.0 compatibility

10/5/2018 - VERSION 0.5.2:
-> FIX: Fixed bills not working on portable stoves

9/27/2018 - VERSION 0.5.1:
-> FIX: portable stoves are now portable again

9/26/2018 - VERSION 0.5.0:
-> Added b19 compatibility
-> Major XML rework to remove duplicated and unnecessary definitions
-> Portable stoves now inherit from campfires- this means that portable stoves should get any recipe that campfires get, modded or otherwise
-> Major rework to the tent generation code, it is now capable of generating tents of arbitrary rectangular (M x N) size and only requires definition of the South facing orientation in XML
-> Added a new 7x9 Long tent- for all your mobile medical, prison, and housing needs
-> Changed tent costs to be more linear (Normal: 140→150, Medium: 300→250, Big: unchanged)
-> Scaled portable stove to chemfuel generator, wood generator, and campfire- it now holds less, but burns more efficiently
-> Removed butchering spot as it is now a core feature

12/29/2017 - VERSION 0.4.0:
-> Added b18 compatibility
-> REemoved sleeping bags as they are is now a core feature

7/20/2017 - VERSION 0.3.1:
-> FIX: Tents repair correctly now

7/18/2017 - VERSION 0.3.0:
-> Added a17 compatibility

1/18/2016 - VERSION 0.2.3:
-> Tent rotating is now less sensitive
-> Added unfinished tent to the recipe, so colonists pause tent tailoring (thanks MarvinKosh!)
-> New sleeping bag texture (thanks drakulux!)
-> FIX: Portable heater requires fuel to heat spaces

1/10/2016 - VERSION 0.2.2:
-> Changed the portable stove texture. The new one was made by user Deon. Thanks! :)
-> Now it really works on cave biomes (I tested it!)

1/9/2016 - VERSION 0.2.1:
-> Tents are now rotatable (Q and E to rotate)
-> Should be compatible with Cave Biomes mod now

1/8/2016 - VERSION 0.2.0:
-> Tents are now made with textiles (fabric or leather) instead of cloth only (your existing tents will be updated when deployed again);
-> There are two new sizes of tents: medium and big;
-> Small texture change on the tent wall;
-> Big tents are not craftable from the crafting spot.

1/6/2017 - VERSION 0.1.2:
-> BUGFIX - hopefully the error and the missing tent support bug is fixed, as I changed some mistakes on the defs
-> Tent supports are no longer ugly (they were beauty -8, making colonists feel bad)
-> Tents can now be crafted on crafting spots, to allow tribalists colonies to make tents.

1/5/2017 - VERSION 0.1.1:
-> You can now see the outline of the tent while choosing where to place it. The color will indicate if the spot is suitable or not (white for good, red for bad);
-> Decreased sleeping bag rest effectiveness to 80% (was 95%, while normal beds are 100%).

-> Craftable in any Tailoring Bench or in a Crafting Spot (Except for the big one).
-> Can be made from any textile material.
-> Requires:
Normal: 150 textiles and 25 wood.
Medium: 250 textiles and 50 wood.
Big: 400 textiles and 75 wood.
Long: 500 textiles and 100 wood.
-> The center tile is the tent support, where you right click to pack up the tent.
-> If the tent was damaged (walls removed/exploded/etc), the pack will be damaged too. Right click to use nearby stacks of textiles to repair it (10 textiles = 1 wall).
-> The tent walls and door are fragile and most likely won't stop raider chasing your pawns.

-> Can be found on Architect/Temperature.
-> Requires 50 steel, 2 components, and 10 chemfuel.
-> A better version of the campfire, but the fuel is chemfuel (holds 10).
-> Can be uninstalled/reinstalled.
-> Can be used to cook all of the same things a campfire does and to heat up spaces.
-> Isn't powered by batteries but requires the electricity research to build.
-> Texture made by user Deon.

Please report any unusual behavior of any of these objects, especially the deployable tent.
Also, I would like your feedback on balancing so the items aren't so overpowered.


For more camping furniture, check out Caravan Gear by Thom Blair III


hey i have a question. I liked the original mod but I am already using a portable stove from Alias's caravan gear mod. Can I remove the other aspects, minus the tents from this mod?