[1.0] Strategy Mode: Rimworld as a strategy game

Started by Greep, August 03, 2018, 06:52:13 AM

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Biggest problem is that raid points per colonist scales with wealth.

2x larger base -> 2x wealth, 2x colonists -> 4x raid size

Obviously this doesn't make sense and instead the result should be about 2x raid size.


Finally someone did something to address the horrendous metagaming that Tynan's "storytelling game design" entails, thank you for this excellent mod, hope you continue to think of ways to improve it.


You mean like not making friend with an easy to handle faction, so that sometime raids use them and not a top end / nasty faction?  ;D

cosmic alpaca

this is still in progress or there is some secret link to download?
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I would call it dead, author is offline since months.