Started by DragonBreath, August 10, 2018, 03:33:25 AM

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How do I eliminate the problem of claustrophobia? All my settlers are bad because they suffer from claustrophobia ... How do I get rid of this problem? I have a base under the mountain, so I don't know how to do it. Do you have any mods to suggest?


I think you should let them see the sun every now and then. If you spent a hole month inside a cave you will become crazy too!

Maybe put some entertaiment outside.


I dislike infestations so I disable them, and love to build inside mountains.  I blame Dwarf Fortress for my mountain obsession.

Anyway, a good way to fix it is to put your recretation outside, not under a roof.  The horseshoe pin, a chess board, hell you can even make a field of pretty flowers in a grow zone then stick a table and chairs outside.  This forces your colonists to go outside fairly often and should keep the bad claustrophobia down.  It won't totally eliminate it on pawns you have inside ALL the time, like researchers, but it will mitigate it.  Later, when you have them in fancy high end bedrooms and fancy rec rooms / dining rooms, etc that will counter the negative mostly.



But if the raiders Attack...

Broken Reality

Just manually draft your colonists and have them stand outside till the debuf goes.

If you are going to disable infestations you may as well disable raids on a mountain map.


Not everyone wants to deal with hordes of insects and that digital suffering; to be fair, mountain bases are cool.
Maybe you could challenge yourself to a only undergrounder run - or simply pay attention to prioritize pawns with that specific trait.
Winter is coming