[0.19.1987] Trying to build floors under flowerpots cause issue

Started by RawCode, August 16, 2018, 09:16:04 AM

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Well, this is not bug, still

When you try to build floor under flower pot, jobdriver will order "cut plant" on that flower, after cut is complete, pawn will instantly switch to "sow plant" on same pot, repeated forever.

Caused by pawns with haul allowed and building not allowed.

Video is provided for more clarity.



I was about to post about this as well (IMO it is a bug).  My interpretation was that the code is forcing plant removal on the square before construction can commence.  The plant gets cut then immediately replanted, and this can sometimes repeat five or six times before the pawn gets distracted by a higher-priority task.  The result in my current game is the floor never gets built unless the plant pot is moved to a different square.

Since a plant pot is furniture, you should be able to change the flooring underneath just like with any other piece of furniture, without affecting what's in the pot.