10 Raiders showed up with like 6 doomsday rocket launchers

Started by vampiresoap, August 23, 2018, 05:43:21 PM

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So my team just got instantly obliterated because that's how powerful those raiders were. Is it because I picked randy random as my storyteller? I had never had that happen to me before.


Its one of the meme raids - so far I have noticed:

* molotovs / grenades / doomsday / trips.
* all melee / almost all melee
* all snipers


Yup those type of raids.

I think it's one of those raids that throw in alot of grenaders + doomsdays.

Looking at the code it's 10 for grenaders & heavys AKA the ones with triple & doomsdays while others are in 1 which is the lowest.

All snipers attacking don't feel bad when you have like some melees with shields or with some trained dogs or with an mortar support but that thing is inaccurate & can hurt your pawns.

But all melee can really kick your colony very hard unless you know what you're doing or are using the old boring & dull killboxes that it makes it meh...

One "happy family" in the rims...
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special raids are extra difficult due to custom logic, ever few tribals may cause severe problems when they tunnel around and completely immune to traps.

unlike "zerg raids" this is "real" difficulty