Single tribal colonist challenge impossible with diseases?

Started by FTR, August 16, 2018, 03:48:39 PM

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Quote from: RawCode on August 21, 2018, 12:27:16 PM
IRL you won't get plague or "lethal flue" 3 times per year.

fun fact IRL the houseless cost the US, per person, an average of one million dollars of un-paid medical bills that the state foots every year bc people with inadequate shelter absolutely are sick nonstop.
If you asked me how many times my chronically homeless mother-in-law has had pneumonia this year my answer would literally be "every time my fiance tells me she has it again my response it literally "and the sun sets and the rain falls downward and..."".
She likes to give hospitals our address when she gets driven in by an ambulance and our house is fucking plastered with the woman's medical bills. I don't know why my SO keeps them because she's never paid a medical bill in her life, but by god I am a personal, living/breathing testament to the fact that, this aspect of the game is absolutely truth in television. Shelter is a human -need-. Without shelter OR medical care, you die. The human body does not, in fact, fare the outdoors well.
kills you.

edit: PS if that dollar figure on the annual cost to the state sounds weird to you bc it's vastly less than how much it'd cost fpr every city to just buy every homeless an apartment, even on the high-end of rental costs and assuming that they'd need constant supervision for the mental illnesses that keeps them homeless and the constant upkeep the buildings would require... yeah, you're right. There shouldn't be any homeless, our societies are -spending- (in the net cost sense) money to keep people homeless on the medical costs alone and it's utterly moronic.