keep eating raw food, when meals a step away. A BUG. B18

Started by Bobisme, August 18, 2018, 05:12:15 PM

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if it is not considered a bug i consider it a fail in programming. ( i already posted in general discussion but it keeps happening so HERE. I. AM.
I have 9 meals in a stack, the moron goes and eats raw meat instead of walking a few extra steps.
The game relies on mood to survive, this is a mood breaking -broken mechanic
- i am hungry, i need to eat, is there a meal? yes? eat it. No meals? Raw food...


I would understand if a pawn walked from one side of the world to the other in search for anything other than raw food.
He was soooo hungry that he devoured raw meat, he wasn't. :P

Rant over.

(Version B18)
Decide to add an image so you can see how little distance change there is, he walked from the hospital straight into the freezer for raw meat, when there are 9 meals stacked just below.

EDIT: this is RimWorld, not 'the babysitters club' heh lol..

Makes me not want to play when i do everything in my power to ensure they get the required needs met and a broken mechanic causes a mood debuff that could make or break a situation.

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The picture doesn't show anything of value. Activate the debug menu, activate "draw food search from mouse" from the "view settings" in the debug menu. Select the pawn in question and point the mouse at the position in the hospital where he started looking for food. Now it will paint the numbers representing the desireability of each food item for that pawn from the mouse pointer. The value is based on the thoughts positive and negative as a sum gained by eating through the selected pawn and the distance to the starting position(as the crow flies) not the table.

You will most likely find that the pawn is an ascetic(Wont display ateRawMeat on the meat piles) and selecting other pawns the meat won't have higher values than the simple meal. This is because a negative sum of thoughts has a massive penalty over positive sums requireing over a hundred tiles of difference between the food items.

If that should not be the case then the meals in question(you only have one stack) were most likely reserved by another pawn when that pawn went to eat.


Not ascetic and the image shows that the pawn had a mere 10 more tiles to walk to get a meal in comparison to a debuff of ate raw food.

I did as you suggested from the hospital raw is labeled as 205 or so and the cooked 300, ...still doesn't change that the pawn can't walk 10 paces more. :/

Are you saying he desired raw meat more so than a cooked meal? if that is the case there should be no debuff if he chose to eat it.
the guy in question is standing at the table, though the person in question isn't the issue, it's the distance of raw food to cooked from the initial location.

Basically the tool should be able to get up from the hospital and walk 10 more paces to get a cooked meal, i mean damn, maybe i should just put in kitchens all the way around my bloody freezer :P

Okay lets talk about reserved by another pawn, stacks are BS then, if i have 10 meals it means 10 people can eat, other wise stacks are worthless, a hidden figure on how many can grab it, there should be no reserved meals unless it is 10 reserved 10 exist, other wise IDC, there is no reason to say 2 ppl are on the other side of the map coming for  a meal, so suck it up princess eat raw meat, nah buddy ima get a fkn meal there's 10 of em, fail. :D

If i have to have 30 meals, (3 stacks) to ensure 5 ppl can eat, the system fails.


Double post... this is beginning to piss me off, the dickheads keep eating raw food, i locked the other side of the freezer forcing the spastics to walk past stacks of cooked meals, they keep walking past and eating raw shit.

I know what it is, they are going for the closest food source, they travel a distance get hungry and the first thing that hits their radar on their way back is raw food, tells me the 'search for food' mechanic is junk.
EDIT: I have fucking meals.

I'll rearange my bloody house as a work around

EDIT: Nah stuff that, i installed the smarter food selection mod, seems to be working so far...
Was about ready to throw in the towel.
It's BS for them to eat raw food when they have to walk over meals to get to it.


At this point i really don't give a shit, fuck the mechanic..
I'll see your 'ate raw food' debuff and raise you a 'ignore that part of the game'

I'm not going to play a game as it is supposed to be played, if a mechanic isn't going to work as it is supposed work..
ascetics for everybody!! lol .maybe

..EDIT i rearranged my kitchen, seemed to fix the fail, then i get some moron deciding to feed a hospital patient raw rice as he was standing outside next to the field... 
it's a joke
I'm not surprised.

I had small issues with my first game (7 colonies)  just an every now and then 'oh that was odd'.. but now, it's JUNK.
I think it has to do with living in a mountain.

I just checked.. someone tried to eat raw meat when their was 5 meals, i checked all other pawns, no one was getting a meal, meals are closer than the raw, so please tell me, what is this SHIT?

This will be addressed.


The food search(for human intelligence pawns) is map wide and in no particular order, actual pathing to the item is not considered. It simply picks the item with the highest desireability(as outlined before). If an item is not used even though it has a higher value then the pawn decided it cannot be used at all. This can happen because it was forbidden, the pawn was restricted from the area or it couldn't be reserved(some other cases for plants and corpses but nothing relevant I think). At least that is the case in an unmodded game.

If you want to prohibit the eating of raw food you can use the mod rimmsqol and activate the corresponding food rule. Usually thats for ice sheet gameplay where ingredients must be conserved but will work here too. Alternatively you can use its mod menu to change the bad thought of eating raw so that it last just a short time(reducing the mood impact will make it more desireable!).


Thanks :)

These guys aren't ascetic, they are getting debuffs for eating raw food, so i can rule that out.
i'm sure they are desiring cooked over raw, though they keep/kept eating it and feeding it to patients though i suppose any food after a certain amount of 'starvation' becomes desirable, ..though :D as i have said before they aren't starving, there is no malnutrition or anything along those lines :)

Nor is their any forbidden area or meal, i put it down to the mountain and reserved food, ..though, as far as i am concerned screw reserved food, if i have 10 they can eat 10, not this only 3 at a time please, there will be someone on the other side of the map heading to get a meal, clogging up the supply chain, when there is ample supplies.

If it is what you say it is that the food search order is map wide, as it should be, then it has to be a bug, has to be due to the mountain and or reserved

Thanks for the heads up on the mod :)