[B19] Easy Terrain Edit

Started by RaddishBlaster, August 20, 2018, 09:59:23 PM

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Easy Terrain Edit

Edit maps much faster and easier, no more clicking every block with dev mode.

Drag and place all rocks and terrain tiles!

Do you like to edit your map before playing, but dev mode is way to slow. I know i do, but couldn't find any mod that did this right. So now all rock walls and ore are place-able and deconstruct-able, along with all terrain, including water place-able and over-writable. Everything is done with patches, so should be compatible with everything except mods trying to do the same thing. After your done modifying, you should be able to uninstall with no problems, or add to any game already started.

Note - use god mode for instant placing and deconstructing, otherwise colonist still have to construct.

Bugs and Quriks

  • Due to rock terrain not being in defs, you cannot place it directly. Placing rock walls will still generate rock terrain underneath when destroyed, like in dev mode, so placing and deconstructing walls is the only way to make rock terrain, other than dev mode.

  • Placing rock walls over other terrain will not change the terrain underneath until it is destroyed. So the corners of rock walls will show the terrain underneath until changed.

  • Rock walls will expand the home area, and make colonist want to build roofs. So remove the home area and ignore the roof area after editing.

  • Rock walls have a white constructed wall icon, but doesn't affect anything

  • You tell me, this is my first mod, but it's pretty simple, and I've used it with no problems.


At the link there is a b18 version also.

License - feel free to use for anything.

Side Note

If anyone is looking for a way to place overhead mountain. This is a roof editor I'm not sure if many people know about, at least I didn't until recently. It works well with this mod so i figured I'd link it.

Scroll to the bottom to get the B18 Version.


It uses python with some extra libraries, and took me a bit to get running, so I'll put a short tutorial for anyone not super familiar with Python.

  • First download  Python version 2.7.15 (or latest 2.x, NOT 3.x). When installing make sure to check "Add python.exe to Path" (will be installed on local hard drive). Go to the command prompt, type "python -V" to make sure it works.
  • To install Numpy and Pillow(the libraries), Just go to the command prompt and type "pip install numpy" and "pip install pillow". That's it, now you should be able to run dialog.py.