One wall at a time !

Started by Monzer, August 24, 2018, 11:07:57 AM

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Hello everyone , when I build a room my constructor haul only 5 bricks and build one wall at a time could you please tell me whats wrong because it's usually they haul bunch of bricks and start building  .


This would happen if each of the wall tiles was of a different material.

It would also happen if the pawn was damaged so much that their carrying capacity was less than 10, so they could only carry materials for 1 tile at a time.

But I think you would realise if any of these were the reason, so this is prob something else. Could you provide a screenshot / savegame? 

Can you repeat it over and over with the same pawn? With every pawn in the same game? Etc.  Provide some more info plz.


this happens if you set all the wall blueprints one by one and have the game unpaused where your builder will instantly see work to be done and bring only enough for the first wall segment, and queue up the second one.

either plan buildings when builders are asleep or pause the game and this should fix itself.