Started by deshara218, August 24, 2018, 03:02:47 PM

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we have interstellar traders, and I know that that's more of a convenience thing to give players access to items, it's been increasingly sensible for there to be whole ships that just, you know, land and become part of the levels.
They wouldn't have to be landing on the player's settlement levels, and you could get around the way they would affect the mechanics of the game as-is by having a pilot remain at the helm with a self-destruct button to -explicitly- prevent savages (such as the crash-landed players) from hijacking the ship, deadman switch and direct comms to the ship's security personel, but I think it'd be integratable.
Or at least, since it doesn't mesh well with Rimworld's survival-based gameplay loop, would probably work in a non-wilderness survival themed sequel that takes place in the non-Rim.