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I honestly believe the groundwork being set for this game isn't exclusive to a Wilderness Survival game. The work being fleshed out would go great in other games set in the same setting but on different kinds of planets, and I think this has a great oppertunity to take the Assassin's Creed Openworld Game style of serialization where you use the hard work put in to the engine in the first game to make sequels easier and cheaper to make so you can make more and more drastic changes after the initial release

and here's the thing; you could port old saves from previous games.
So, Rimworld is a wilderness survival game where you build a compound to be self-sufficient enough to get you off the planet.

Rimworld 2; Frontierworld. A game where the survivors from the previous game make it to a low-tech world where there is a loose global military alliance confederation and no savages, where instead of Wilderness Survival it's a small bussiness simulator where you're trying to eke out a living in a planet full of other settlements that are mostly just barely riding the poverty line, where you build infrastructure to make your settlement more and more efficient and profitable, buying up other settlements and giving them the same treatment and then connecting them with infrastructure projects until you become powerful enough that you could risk going to war with nearly every settlement at once and then snow-ball to global conquest and become the ruler of the planet and now the woes of capital competition is no longer a factor as all the settlements have been unified in a way that allows them each to specialize and support eachother. The map screen is used infrequently but to switch between sites to manage or monitor your competition

Coreworld; a city management game where you found a planet, and then in Rimworld's engine play a Sim City or Tropico game but without the space constraint, where you're unfettered by the constraints of survival or small bussiness competition and build up an interplanetary empire one planet at a time. The map screen is used occasionally to jump between build sites or to respond to notifications in already-established sites or to jump back to them to build inter-connecting infrastructure between them.

Glitterworld; a war game, where the interplanetary empire you've built invades fully built-up glitterworlds. The game functions mostly on the planet-map screen, with a on-site AI robust enough to be, once set up by the player and then let go, run on its own while the player pays attention elsewhere. The game runs on FOBs to be built up, enemy emplacements the enemy has built up and needs to entrench against you and the warzones between them, and has an autonomous AI that's mostly guided in a big-picture way reminiscent of Hearts of Iron 4, where you build forts or bases, fill them with pawns, set them up standing orders and design their defenses to man and then you leave the Site back to the map to do other things or order your army from the map screen, or oversee battles directly by micromanaging pawns when they defend bases, invade enemy settlements or fight in open warzones.


I feel like that just doesn't fit with Rimworld. It's always been about struggling to survive, and using the same engine but making it about building a business simulator or something would mean a lot of features(such as the intricate psychology and damage) would be unused or feel weird. The way you've described these possible sequels, it feels like Rimworld but without really big negative events, and with profit generating tacked on.

Honestly it sounds like the current endgame, with no real challenge, but for the whole game.


It sounds like you're suggesting literally having 3 other types of games, and this is Rimworld suggestions, not game suggestions. The entire game is built around it just being itself, having ones played completely differently with completely different mechanics isn't going to go that well. If you want a business manager, PA is kinda what you want. What you suggested is in no way similar to assassin's creed, AC is always about the core assassin gameplay just in different areas with different side mechanics. A sim-city style rimworld city builder isn't even close to the current game. All in all, I don't think this is the place to suggest a new game and I honestly don't think your ideas are well thought out. A single paragraph isn't sufficient for describing an entire new game.
Selling broken colonist souls for two thousand gold. Accepting cash or credit.