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  • April 09, 2020, 06:20:02 AM
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Author Topic: Allow for heaters and sculpturs to be able to rotate. + Painting artwork.  (Read 126 times)


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I'm hoping this is added for beauty's sake to help rooms look a little nicer to us. though I would like there to be a canvas added for colonists to paint. (with better artistic = better art = better beauty) Paint would use skin and flowers to paint colors. the canvas stand would be 3 wide and 2 long with a corner fix if placed near a corner + chair fix while having multiple sizes of artwork. paintings go on walls or on top of cabinets and/or unoccupied tables. Allows players to view artwork if clicked on them and clicks view. painting could also be a rec item and/or just viewing them could be a rec activity, and with this flowers will have a little more impact.