Man in black should always have medical capable

Started by mooklepticon, August 29, 2018, 03:19:47 PM

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I had a colony "saved" by the man in black, but he couldn't do medical, so all he did was haul my pawns to their sleeping spot for them to bleed out there. Then he died to the bear that killed all of them.  If he's supposed to be an anti-frustration measure, then that didn't happen this time.


yeah it's a very specific kind of help -- it's there to stop any attack that's overwhelmed a colony, but do nothing for a colony that has inadequate medical care to save injured colonists.
People who fell to animal attacks or low-tech raids and were beaten down he can save, but people who were shot to pieces and need to be patched back up to prevent them from dying in that very same incapacitation he can't do anything for but make them comfortable