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Started by Kiame, September 03, 2018, 05:01:31 PM

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Are you tired of walking barefoot on the Rim? Hands chilly because there's nothing around to put on them? Constantly losing precious digits and toes because there's nothing to stop them? Not anymore!

Hand 'n' Footwear adds a set of... handwear and footwear, which are balanced to fall in line with existing vanilla apparel. Additionally, humans will actually have a slower walking speed if they're barefoot - although not massive, it could make a difference in certain scenarios. Here's what this mod currently adds to the game:

Shoes: Just a basic pair of shoes that offers little protection for your feet, and gives a mobility improvement. Cheap, and quick to make.

Tribal Boots: Boots made out of animal/human hide, which can be made at a crafting spot - perfect for dressing up your tribals! You'll also see enemy tribals rocking these, so beware. Gives a slight mobility improvement, and minor cold insulation.

Cowboy Boots: It was inevitable, wasn't it? Cowboy boots fit in with the Western-part of the Sci-Fi/Western masterpiece that is RimWorld - slightly more protective than shoes, but can only be made out of leather. Minor boost to social chat impact, and mobility.

Plated Boots: Is it a shoe, is it a boot? No, it's two lumps of metal bashed into the shape of boots, and hollowed out so that fragile feet and tootsies can fit (sort of) snugly inside them, and be protected from various forms of harm! As implied, these aren't great for one's mobility...

Gloves: Finally you can wear squirrels on your hands with gloves... or thrumbos... or mushrooms... or whatever! Provides minor protection for your hands, and a small buff to cold insulation.

Dexterous Gloves: Made out of a strange glitterworld polymer, these gloves take ergonomics to the extreme to the point that work performance and combat performance get a slight improvement! Slight caveat though: Supply of glitterworld-exclusive polymer is sort of low on the edge of the galaxy (and the fact that how these are manufactured is a deep, dark glitterworld secret), so the only way of obtaining a pair of these bad boys is on the black market - or rarely from high-ranked raiders... and they're lucrative as to be expected. They also offer no protection.

Plated Gloves: Low-tech, bulky, metal-plated gloves that fit nicely on one's hand, and do a half-decent job at protecting hands and digits from bullets and other forms of harm. However, it's not so easy to perform work tasks with these on and they therefore hinder global work speed.

As always, if you like (or dislike) this mod, you're welcome to leave some feedback! With the way that Ludeon Forums works, a post will effectively mean that more people can hear about this mod and enjoy it too - whereas they might not've been able to because they would've never heard of it. The community may be appreciative of this because the concept of handwear and footwear is commonly overlooked - with only a few mods offering this, but most - if not all of them are outdated.

Seeing as this mod tweaks pawn's apparel budgets so that they can accommodate for the new items of apparel introduced, it'll be much appreciated if you suggest some compatibility patches for other mods so that they get the same tweaks - to keep things balanced.

As with one of my other mods, I'm trying to keep the scope of this mod limited. Balance feedback is very welcome though, but I won't make the military-orient items stronger than the military (now simple) helmet - as that's what their stats were based from.

Addition suggestions are also appreciated, but don't expect them to be included unless it's something that fits in with the game, and isn't overpowered. I won't add gloves that give crazy insulation buffs, for instance, unless you can come up with a justification/caveat which'd make me deem it good for addition. I want to keep things as vanilla-friendly as possible.

XeoNovaDan was the original author

There is an unusual issue with this mod and Mending which causes some recipes to not show up on either tailoring bench. This is remedied by placing Hand 'n' Footwear above Mending in the load order.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Gloves can't be worn if a colonist has both bionic arms; make sure they're not wearing any gloves if you're installing two bionic arms as they will disappear. Same applies for boots with legs. This is because bionic arms don't actually include hands, and bionic legs don't actually include feet; this is a vanilla issue.


Direct Download:


Hand 'n' Footwear is under a creative commons license. This means that you're allowed to derive from this mod, as well as include this in a mod pack - so long as you give me credit, and provide a link to this post.



nice. i had a b18 version of foot and handwear for b18. good to see it continuing


Kiame the mod reviver !:-)

Since there are 4 footwear but just 3 handwear, what do you think about some boxing gloves ?
Same like gloves but with some extra damage while unarmed, good for prison breaks.


I am taking suggestions. Boxing gloves are interesting. On the steam side someone recommended medical gloves.


this simple mod deserves more hits, it's something to do early game and that extra pimp in late too

the only problem, this page has a good overview where you can lean about each item, but ingame there is little useful info about each one (or it might be a dubs mint menu thing, but i would like to compare stuff and i have to craft to check stats like mobility impact


These problem happen to everyone with a mod that add new stuff to the game.

Did you try the Compare gear mod ?


Simplified Chinese translation by master_wu. In attachment

[attachment deleted due to age]


How i can craft POWER BOOTS ? is there any bench for that ?


fabrication bench + power-armor research (checked the xml, wasn't sure, but xml is always reliable)


Quote from: ultra4 on November 12, 2018, 05:51:29 PM
fabrication bench + power-armor research (checked the xml, wasn't sure, but xml is always reliable)

thanks for doing that :) one problem is solved... the other one popped up...
how to utilize  those items? I mean handwear and shoes ... It's true that i can't force my pawns to use crematorium ( need material ) however allowed to burn apparel (handwear and shoes)   


Gloves and shoes act like any other apparel in the game. If this is added to an existing save you'll probably need to edit the apparel restrictions to allow gloves/shoes to have pawns use them automatically w/o being forced


Hey Kiame, love the mod. Crossposting from Steam because.

I'm getting some errors while making power gloves, haven't seen it anywhere else yet. Doesn't happen every time, weirdly, but is consistent. I get a popup error on starting the work, and get "unfinished wooden power gloves," and then after some random? amount of work, the unfinished gloves disappear with another popup error; the work order doesn't go down by one and I have to start over, having lost the ingredients.

Relevant errors:

I can give you a modlist & more info if you'd like... Thanks for taking a look :)

edit: happens with power boots too, it seems



Characters can't be dressed up with hand- or foot-wear using EdB Prepare Carefully. Is this a vanilla issue or a EdBPC issue? Or is it a H&F issue?


It is EdB PC fault, it don't recognize addinanal bodyparts layer like foot and hands.
But you can add the stuff to the list and equip it later.