What to do with excessive loot/corpses?

Started by vampiresoap, September 19, 2018, 09:51:24 AM

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Hi guys, I play on extreme difficulty and almost every few days a raid happens...The problem is that there's just too many corpses to strip and haul that I've just stopped doing it all together...I even had a furnace set up, but hauling like 100 corpses one at a time still takes an enormous amount of time...Now I just leave the bodies to rot. How do you guys deal with this? It really annoys me and breaks the immersion for me a little bit.


I make a 4x4 or 5x5 area for dumping and surround it with concrete. I throw molotovs on something inside.


Increase processing capability. Set up a few more furnaces. Or build a big unroofed metal/stone structure outside your base, zone inside area as a corpse dump, breed a bunch of huskies or labradors to do most of the hauling.

If the house of the dead is not full you can just wait them to dissipate, or do as vzoxz0 said, throw a molotov inside. Often I just leave them to rot. Occasionally raiders break the wall or the door, see all the corpses, get a mood drop and go mental... so with some luck it works as a sort of a trap.


If you like to play with animal's.
Have alot of meat hungry animals (dogs,pig) you can train to haul.
Then you just need to build a 13x13 freezer room, they can haul in the corpse and eat from them if they are hungry.


I haul corpses to dumping zone where they rot and leave items on the ground to deteriorate. In the mid and late-game I use greanades to destroy what I don't want.
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Having animals to haul is probably the best solution, I think. You won't believe how many raider corpses I get every tribal raid comes around. But sadly, animals are pretty lazy if I remember correct, and they don't haul all the time...


Burn, burn, burn. Takes too much time to smelt. Try to design defensive setups where enemies die in clusters to reduce the busywork in burning !! Prioritize bloodlust recruitment (one of the best traits) as he doesn't care about rotting corpse.

Never chase enemies that flee unless you are farming bloodlust, shooting xp isn't maxed for day, you need their weps, or there are cute pawns to recruit. They are hauling themselves off the map and doing you a favor.

Mood terrorist sappers are a real thing on merciless.


1) Definitely don't strip/loot corpses, unless one has something special you want. 
2) Crematoriums take too long, don't bother with them either.
3) Hauling bodies to a large freezer to be eaten by pigs/dogs is the most efficient use.  Once you have a good number of animals they'll clean up fast.
4) Digging graves and burying them actually doesn't take that long if all your colonists pitch in.  The reason the crematorium is so slow is because you don't have 10 of them (presumably; if you do have 10 you may want to ask yourself why you're playing Concentration Camp Architect instead of Rimworld).
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And don't forget that the pirates chasing a refugee are often better recruits than the refugee is.



Processing area for the dead. My fallen colonists get a nice sarcophagus burial, while dirty raiders and such go in the freezer where my cannibal/pyschopath colonists cut them up. The freezer is also stored with hay, so that kibble can easily be made at the second butcher table to be delivered to my boars.

There's a crematorium for all the tainted clothes to be incinerated, it doesn't take too long.

Yes, I have enough joy stuff to make the 'we butchered humanlike' debuff survivable.


For my next colony, I'm seriously considering making a corpses stockpile outside my walls shaped to spell "Hi Francis!"


I recommed the mass graves mod, though I'm not sure it's been updated for b19. Has the added benefit of adding that real-life genocide feel to your colony.


If your colony is mostly made of cannibals or psychopaths you can butcher all the corpses for meat & genuine human leather.

But if your not into that. You can dispose the corpses into a large enclosed room made of stone or just somewhere it doesn't rain. Then throw a molotov or use incendiary launcher to burn every corpse in that room. Just make sure you remove
home area otherwise your colonists will out the fire on your mountain of dead bodies.

One "happy family" in the rims...
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I always do mix of things.

-I set up a not small unroof area with walls somewhere outside my base where my colonist don't go. I throw there most of corpses to rot.
-If I have animals that eat corpses(which i usually try to have) I made additional freezer for them to which  only hauling animals have access to. So animals take care of most of their food needs by themselves. I didn't test it but I think pigs are best for it, although I usually prefer other animals.
-If have I have spare work time for colonists I have furnace so I can get some additional income from raids.

I manually strip raiders only if they have something I really want or if I'm in huge need of clothes early on(which I try to avoid cos of dead man's debuff)


I just started putting a dumping stockpile on a pond out of the way. The corpses are gone in a season. If you have a river to dump them in it's even better.
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Water destroys corpses quickly?  That's good to know, I'll definitely give that a try.  I always get upset when the terrain outside of my colony's walls looks like this:

If you give an annoying colonist a parka before banishing him to the ice sheet you'll only get a -3 penalty instead of -5.

And don't forget that the pirates chasing a refugee are often better recruits than the refugee is.