Tyarn, Mortal God (Colonists who wouldn't die)

Started by Leachim95, September 26, 2018, 11:36:16 PM

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Alright so here it goes I've been in my lastest game for about 5-6 in game years. Every thing been pretty much normal. Food shortage at the end of the first few winter's never having enough components the normal stuff. Till one morning the raid sound goes off I look sure enough some priates have come to steal my men. Nothing out of the ordinary. We fight 3 out of 5 die on the battle feild one runs away and there is this 72 year old priate on the ground crying in pain. I captured him striped and burned his buddies and waited. Time goes by he joins up and I give him a steel sword and sends him on his way. Liads of events happened and Tyarn has fought in them all. Every so often being rescued but most the time doing the rescuing. Then one winter's morning another raid. This time tribs people have come time to deal with them. Tryan heads out sword in hand and dispatch a tribal head from her shoulders then another killed instantly by a guy shot then a third the wave of death scares the others an they run before another unlucky soul meets thier end at the end of Tyarn. I took notice after that. First I see that he is 72 year old kinda hard to tell sometime he also has an artery blockage in his heart and his left lung is gone totally destroyed. So I go about fixing these issues a new heart is built an put in this holy being and before he had fully head a Lung was being carried by a trader passing by. The lung was placed inside and He took up his weapon once more being trade in for a plasteel one now. He is still with my colony the village will cry when he dies for he is turly the best of us.