[MODLIST] Mods by Jaxe

Started by Jaxe, September 30, 2018, 12:12:47 AM

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Mods by Jaxe

All built for RimWorld 1.3 and/or 1.4
All available on Steam Workshop

This is a collection page for most of my RimWorld mods. All links to Steam versions available in the forum links or from my Workshop Collection which gives more detail why you may want each mod.

RimHUD - Add more information to the UI ::: Forum link

Interaction Bubbles - A quality of story mod ::: Forum link

Pawn Rules - Disallow Foods, Relationships and More ::: Forum link

Animal Food Restrictions - Unlocks food restrictions for animals ::: Forum link

Toggle Harvest - Disable harvesting of growing zones ::: Forum link

Collapser - A simple way to deal with overhead mountains ::: Forum link

More Random Seeds - Generate numeric world seeds ::: Forum link

BoomMod - Boomalopes and Boomrats don't explode if killed by non-firearms ::: Forum link

PublisherPlus - Extended options for uploading to the Steam Workshop. ::: Steam link


would it be possible to get BoomMod with github link  ;D



You got some good mods dude, thanks.


All listed mods now support RimWorld 1.1


All listed mods now support RimWorld 1.2