[1.4] BoomMod - Boomalopes and Boomrats don't explode if killed by non-firearms

Started by Jaxe, September 30, 2018, 02:31:03 PM

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Version 1.7

Built for RimWorld 1.4
Powered by Harmony
Available on Steam Workshop

With this mod Boomalopes and Boomrats will only explode on death when the killing blow is a gunshot, burn, another explosion or they are otherwise on fire at the time. Melee weapons, medieval ranged weapons and natural causes do not trigger an explosion.

Go to the Steam Workshop page and subscribe to the mod.

Download the latest release and unzip it into your RimWorld\Mods folder.

This mod may be added or removed from an existing game at any time without issue.


Saves the hassle of making a new area, waiting for a boomalope to go into it and then shooting it from afar so your colony doesn't burn down, nice.
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Hi.. nice idea.. no more random booms.. Thanks..

but what about death by "Finish Off"? it wont go boom, right?


Updated to v1.4:
- Added support for RimWorld 1.2
- Removed support for RimWorld 1.0