how to put AI persona core into pawn's dead brain

Started by Prophetly, October 11, 2018, 09:51:45 PM

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as you can see over here image below; i have an ai core, i have also fnished research (which you can search it first, before use it) and i can't use this ai computer core in my pawn's brain as implant. what is the solution? there is no option to use it?


I am pretty sure at the vanilla gameplay you can't implant  (anymore) the AI core into the brain.
You will need a mod for this

To heal the brain damage, you can either use
Luciferium, but can take a real long time fore it get cured.
or Healer mech serum.



When it isn't vanilla you should report it at the proper mod topic.
Since you didn't said what mod you use, i can't say anything.
So you should ask the mod auther of it.

Btw. we call vanilla gameplay, a game without mods.
And you can't play 1.0 yet since it get released at the 17.oct, but maybe you mean the 1.0 unstable but i don't think that feature got add there.
But i can't say it for sure.


Wait is this modded or in vanilla Rimworld?

Is the AI personal core installing into some dead one's brain vanilla or a mod?

Is this really 1.0 or B19? ???

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aah yea my game version is beta 19. i post mod topic here because of crowded people here for help me. to be honest, i use my own taste mods i just edit few things like t-expanded crop mod's only food recipes (like a Cook Simple Meal x3 recipe) and glitter tech's alpha poly's, titanium's as resources because of high level beauty and used to craft sharp melee weapons.

i just want to know, can you guys make me just one mod that provides me to use ai persona core can be planted in brain hediff please?


i have been searching ai persona core (as plantable hediff def link) for a long time in game's own core folder. and i just saw one thing about Ai persona core, that is ThingDef_items/exotic named file that it contains only ai core's statisctic about item value, mass, and where it should  to be found (tag). thats it.

i wonder if i make my own plantable hediff def which is about ai persona core in to brain. i am worried about my all edited mods would be crashed (which is i lived that before). so i am helping for skilled mod makers here.


thank you, i have finally found my problem anyway.