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Started by crusader2010, October 09, 2018, 01:28:05 PM

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I'm seeing some strange behaviors in my games, consistently, but have no idea what mods could be causing them... Would really appreciate any help in tracking down the culprits (in the hopes that some of you guys had some similar occurrences).

1. The machining table. Only after loading a saved game, I cannot add any bills to the machining table (also, if I save the game when a pawn is on his way to build something, he simply goes to do something else after reloading). Its panel also appears fuzzy (some text gets overlaid the "add bill" button, or some random up/down buttons appear below it etc). Clicking anywhere on that panel (including on the "add bill" button) does cause the sound to go off properly, but nothing else happens. The only solution is to deconstruct the table and build it again... until the next reload :)

2. Notifications spam. It sometimes happens that I get spammed by several notifications per second when a pawn has a very low mood value and refuses to either eat or do something. Drafting and undrafting the pawn, several times, stops the spam and makes the pawn continue his activity properly. One time I wanted to see what happens if I don't do anything and the spam seems to stop after a while, but much later than when using draft/undraft. This spam only happens with pawns that are very low on mood (at the Extreme break threshold) but have not yet gotten a mental break. The notifications appear like "Cancelled: eating simple meal".

I've attached the mods' config file.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated :(

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My mod pack: {A13} Mod Mega Pack


The first issue was resolved after an update to "Easily craftable components". The second one still remains :(
My mod pack: {A13} Mod Mega Pack