[1.0] Better Mod Mismatch Window (github style?)

Started by Madeline, September 25, 2019, 07:08:22 AM

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download link : https://github.com/zzzz465/ModMisMatchFormatter/releases/tag/v1.0.1

steam link to see further explaination

this mod will change your default Mod mismatch window to GitHub style. more readable and easy to compare.

left box shows lthe ist of mods in savefile.
right box shows the list of mods you currently using.

red indicates mods which exist in savefile, but not in current state.
green indicate mods which exist in current, but not in savefile.

I don-t speak english well so please consider minor spelling issue. I'll fix that as soon as possible.


Hi Madeline,
could you please create an non-steam download or create a release under github.
And repleace it with the steam link.
The forum is the main source for DRM-free user, and when you want your mod workshop only it is fine too, but then you don't need to create a forum entry for it.


Much thanks.
A hint for the next release, could you please adjust the file structure of the zip, so the Mod folder name get included and not only the subfolders ? :-)
So you can right unzip into mods and don't need to create a folder first ! :-)

But generel you mod looks good, and it is a good enhance for people with larger modlists ! :-)


What a wonderful mod!
A new must-have for people with a lot of mods.