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Author Topic: How Thrumbo1 became Thrumbo2  (Read 2100 times)


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How Thrumbo1 became Thrumbo2
« on: October 25, 2018, 11:34:49 AM »

Hey, I'm bad at telling stories. I don't have a knack for words, but this story is interesting.

Blue Shark Minoca is my tribe living in extreme desert, which I guess you could call a year-round growing zone. Four colonists are spending most of their time just trying to just get enough potatoes from stony soil, and using the leftover time mostly for planting saguaro cacti. Without them, they can't cook, and can't build coolers.

Unce upon a time a thrumbo passed by. The magnificient creature was kind enough to dine on the cacti, forcing them to harvest some of them prematurely just to get by. Two camels and 4 chickens are hard enough to feed.

Then, out of the blue, the thrumbo self-tamed. The joy of the tribals was premature. The trumbo, together with some others, proceeded to munch on devilstrand fields scattered around the location, not to mention cotton, healroot, and potatoes. It was of no help in battle - no one has passion to animals and no one could even attempt to make it a battle beast. Worse, once it started trusting humans, it stopped fighting back! It would just ran away and serve as a decoy. Somehow, despite its immense size, one of first volleys got it a scar on its massive 80HP eye.

Eventually, with no one to train it, the thrumbo became wild again. But it caused the tribals much sweat, as they were too gentle to sell it to the passing Bulk Goods caravan or butcher for meat.

But the Thrumbo came to like the area and its diligently worked fields. It lots its migratory habits.

Then a psychic ship dropped by. At first it didn't look dangerous, but - guided by their ancestral spirits - the tribals engaged with a skirmish with it, destroying the 2 scythers and 1 lancer without much fuss other than Sparkles losing pinky and nearly losing an arm*, and only because he didn't pay attention and wandered into the crossfire. The tribals used looted bolt-action and assault rifles, as well as an excellent charge rifle from a desert cache, making short work of them.

Had they acted slower, the evil spirit from the metal hut would possess the thrumbo, and being bad shooters and poorly equipped overall they would face mortal danger.

Now, however, the thrumbo changed its mind. It became tame again. Remembering the ways of the ungrateful creature, they're going to butcher and/or sell it.
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