Nitrogen fixing plant (clover) to turn soil into fertile one

Started by NeverPire, October 30, 2018, 10:06:46 AM

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I propose to add a fertile/infertile soil mechanic.

When used too intensively, a fertile soil will turn infertile.

Plantation of clover (a nitrogen fixing plant) can be used to turn infertile soil to fertile. Clover could be used as fodder for livestock too, but produce a lot less than hay.

Beans and peas have a similar effect and can be used for human food. However, they produce really a small amount of food.
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 I really like this idea. It reminds me a bit of the moisture pump. It can give you a lot more room to work with, and I could see having to maintain, heat/cool, and light this patch of clovers being a great balance for better soil.
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